July 11, 2023 9:17 am

When a desperate headbanger resorts to hypnotizing his overbearing mother,  he unwittingly makes her susceptible to the chilling suggestions of Heavy Metal!

This is a campaign to fund a life-long passion project called Headbanger!, a live-action, rockin’ and ridiculous, horror-comedy feature film! Written by Audie Harrison & Aaron Pfeifer. Produced and Directed by Audie Harrison.

What if Heavy Metal really did make you do bad things?

Set against the backdrop of the Satanic Panic hysteria and anti-Heavy Metal rage of the 1980s, Headbanger! is about a young metalhead named Mark Looger who hypnotizes his overbearing mother to get her off his back about his music, clothes and length of his hair. But ironically, the spell he casts also makes her susceptible to the terrifying suggestions of the Heavy Metal music he loves! Mark’s mother begins murdering all of his friends in the gruesomely over-the-top ways that only Heavy Metal can inspire. Mark has unwittingly created a monster! And if she is not stopped, it might just mean the end of Heavy Metal forever!

This Heavy Metal-infused retelling of the Frankenstein myth is an atomic explosion of over-the-top comedy, glorious gore and face-melting power chords cranked up to 666!

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