January 11, 2018 12:40 pm

Horror films have been popular for years and years and while they may be scary and gory people just literally can’t get enough of them. It’s often seen as a common progression for films to go on and make it as other forms of entertainment. Sometimes they will be turned into TV shows and other times they may be made into games. Games have the ability to really bring a movie to life, and allow the player to experience a character or a story first hand.

There have been plenty of horror games that have been based on scary movies over the years and they are often extremely popular with players. These sorts of games often engage a player more due to both the fear factor and the feeling of not knowing what may happen next. Alien Isolation is a prime example of this. The game is based on the Alien film franchise and players play as Amanda Ripley as she goes looking for her mother but instead comes across an alien.

The Resident Evil game series by Capcom is one of the most popular of all time. There have been both games and movies involved in the brand and if players want a horror game packed full of gore and scary moments they should look no further. Throughout each title there are heart stopping moments that will have even the bravest of people running to hide behind the sofa. The zombies, snakes and terrors under the lake aren’t for the feint hearted at all.

We’ve also seen the likes of Friday the 13th, which is one of the most popular horror movies of all time and one labelled a classic, Van Helsing, Jaws, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dracula and The Evil Dead make it as successful games. It goes to show that the demand for horror games is huge and the demand for horror games based on hit horror movies even bigger. It’s not just video games where horror movie themes have been an inspiration behind content either.

Attracting new customers is vital for online casino brands, and with slot games being one of the most popular ways to gamble; it comes as no surprise that slot developers have taken inspiration from horror movies, in order to not only draw in players but to also keep them entertained too. Established online casino sites like Unibet, have confirmed that games based on well known horror films such as Psycho and Frankenstein; are some of the most popular games for their players.

Other popular horror film inspired slot games include the likes of Alfred Hitchcock’s movie Psycho and science fiction horror film Aliens which has recorded success as a video game too. There is a massive audience for horror games in their various formats and producing them will always appeal to the mass market. We’ve even seen Capcom create a virtual reality Resident Evil so it certainly shows that horror games will continue to be popular for years to come.

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This post was written by Nadia Vella