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The date: October 7, 2017. Time to be there: 1900 Hours or 7pm. Contact Person: Marissa Selby. Address to be at: – Sacramento, CA 95823. Activity: Strange sounds resonate throughout the whole house. Scratching, footsteps, banging, etc. Closet door opens by itself.

Paul Dale Roberts; Deanna Jaxine Stinson; Xandean Smith; Keith Wise.

Marissa Selby; William Rojas; Valentin Pena Juarez; Anya Marie Santini.

The house was built in 1985. Marissa Selby briefs us that there has been a box that flew off the table, tupperware that has flown off the table; silverware going airborne and a cologne bottle that moved across the room and landed smack in the middle of the kitchen floor. The nephew of Marissa’s fiance is 2 years old and once he was pointing towards the closet and places his finger over his mouth and says “shhhhhhh”.

Marissa had a strange dream in which I was in her dream and discussing the entities in her home and told her that the entities have a plan. Marissa after having this dream felt compelled to contact me to conduct an investigation and cleansing of the home. Marissa says that sometimes they hear the sounds of baby feet walking across the floor. At times the light flickers on and off. William Rojas elaborates more on the cologne bottle and says that he witnessed the event. The cologne bottle eventually went underneath the couch after going from the kitchen counter to the middle of the floor and its final destination, underneath the couch. William sometimes feels a hand on his person, it feels like a kid’s hand and many times he has awakened at 3 a.m.

William’s friend feels a presence in the home, Deanna feels a presence in the home. Deanna felt a strong presence in the backyard and we did manage to capture some designer orbs in the backyard, no EVPs. We investigated the bedroom and looked for intelligent movement with the orbs. We had William’s friend place his hand in the middle of the door and asked the orb to appear by his hand, to show intelligent movement. When the photo was taken, the orb appeared next to his torso. We captured an EVP that sounded like a man saying “no”. We capture another EVP of a man saying “I don’t care” when Marissa was talking. One of the people present felt like they were being touched and later they felt cold spots behind them. While we conducted the EVP sessions in the bedroom, a hat fell off the wall twice. We vibrated the wall by pounding on it and the hat would not fall off. More people present felt cold chills in the room. When someone asked “was this your house before?” We captured an EVP that says “yes”. We also captured EVPs of a woman who mocks Valentin when he asks “do it now!” and the woman says “do it now” and later says “do it again!” Marissa felt her arm being touched. Deanna feels a cold chill in the living room. When someone asks “are you messing with my dogs?” and the dogs go crazy and start barking at the trees. Valentin says that the entity blew in his ear twice and later his ears were hurting.

We identified 4 entities in this house. 1. The Mocking Woman (who says “do it now!” – the same words as the person says. 2. Soft Voiced Man – some of the male voiced EVPs, it sounds like a soft spoken young man. 3. The Go Away Entity – non-human voice – sort of a growling voice that says to “go away” during an EVP session. 4. Camino Royale Baby – occupants hear baby feet in the house and William feels a kid’s hand on him. Possibly a baby or small child?

After the investigation, I conducted a Roman Catholic house blessing and Deanna did a metaphysical cleansing with cinnamon, she also cleansed everyone personally. The occupants and the friends of the occupants said that the cleansing felt good. Positive energy was now felt in the house. I had Deanna cleanse me, because I felt like I absorbed the negative energy in the house. After Deanna’s cleansing I felt relieved and felt renewed.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior
Halo Paranormal Investigations (HPI International)


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