September 26, 2017 7:56 am

Shepton Mallet Prison in Somerset was closed in 2013, but many suspect the spirits of former residents still stalk the gloomy corridors.

Built in 1625, centuries of brutally harsh lives are etched into this grimly intimidating building which has been home to numerous ferocious inmates.

The notoriously cruel Kray twins famously languished here for over 30 years, however theirs isn’t the only story to unearth in this dark place.

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Numerous diabolical murderers lived and died within these cold, grey walls, including child killer Charles Squires and Henry Dainton who drowned his own wife in the River Avon.

Many people were executed at the prison, and their condemned bodies still lie buried in unmarked graves within the prison grounds.

Now the prison is opening it’s doors once again, with the introduction of overnight ghost hunts for those for who horror films just aren’t scary enough.

Amateur ghost hunters may spend the night in these ‘loathsome’ cells, described by commissioner John Howard in 1773 as capable of changing men into ’emaciated, dejected objects’.

Event organisers Haunted Happenings arrange these spooky sleepovers, which include ouija boards, table tipping and glass moving.

Ghost hunting equipment will also be used, as visitors attempt to reach out to the lingering souls; imprisoned even after death.

According to Haunted Happenings:

“What we discover here will hopefully begin a longlasting if not sinister relationship with HMP Shepton Mallet. However, it is fair to say that it will definitely be an intense and terrifying experience for all concerned.”

Could you last a full night at Shepton Mallet Prison?

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