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HPI Paranormal Investigators Present were: Kathy Payne Foulk; Steve Foulk; Sally Johnston; Xandean Smith; Deanna Jaxine Stinson; Paul Dale Roberts.

DATE TO BE THERE: August 19, 2017. TIME TO BE THERE: 7pm. ACTIVITY: Door slammed in the bathroom, no one was there. Light at times gets brighter, then dimmer and will shut off on its own. Little girl heard talking and no one is there. House is 100 years old. The sidewalk was marked 1914 outside of the house. One time smudging was done in the house and a door was being held closed by an unseen force, as if it was trying to stop the smudging in that room. Occupant has received bruises on her arm from an unknown entity.

Below are the video footage from this investigation:
The Initial Briefing

Laura Rogers, Occupant and Tori Rosecrantz gave us the full account of what has been occurring in this 100 year old home. At times entering this home, they get an uneasiness feeling. Steve Foulk listened to their story and determined that when Laura visited her brother’s home, she picked up on the fact that her brother’s home was haunted and that Laura may have brought home a spirit. By doing so, the spirit may have caused a portal to open in this home which brought on the following entities:

1. Transparency Entity: You can see this entity’s outline, but it’s basically invisible. Sort of cloaking that you see in the Predator movie, in which the Predators are invisible, but you can make out their outline.

2. The Sutter Home Hunchback: An entity with a misshapen humped back and is shirtless.

3. Chain Man: Man seen with chains draped around his torso.

4. Shadow People: Shadow People type of entities seen at the home.

5. The Sutter Home Little Child: Deanna picks up on this entity in one of the children’s bedrooms and Laura confirms that there is indeed a small child entity in the back bedroom. We capture an EVP in this area of a small child saying: “I love it, I want to play too.” The question was “do you hear the piano?” Deanna and Xandean on the last session played the house piano to entice the entities to interact with us.

6. Gaspy Voiced Woman: We capture an EVP of an old woman saying: “Get off my property.” All investigators confirm that the EVP is actually saying this.

1. In the cellar – Kathy captures an EVP that is an electronic voice. We are unable to make out the words to this EVP.
2. At the front deck, captured an EVP that says “What?”
3. When asking the entity are you scared? The entity says “No”.

In the beginning of the investigation, Deanna picks up the fact that Laura and Tori have psychic abilities. Deanna gave Laura a care package that consisted of: T-Lights; Candles; Bless this Home Candle Holder; 3 Smudge Wands; Cinnamon Stick. Deanna witnessed the bedroom door opening on its own. Laura has 3 daughters ages 10, 16 and 21 and they have all witnessed disembodied voices coming out of certain bedrooms. Laura was once marked by an entity and found fingerprints on her arms. Tori had a dream that people were standing over Laura. Tori once observed that the bed moved into a different position in the bedroom. Once a razor was thrown at Laura and the razor cut her leg.

After we confirmed that this home is haunted, Deanna conducted a metaphysical cleansing with smudge wands and I conducted a Catholic house blessing with wooden cross and holy water. Thank you Laura for the coffee!
Photos from the Investigation

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior


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