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Michaelis Jacoby Popular DJ in Los Angeles and son of my half-brother Andrew (Andy/Andres) Somprise Soyo is now in Bali. I asked Michaelis on how many countries he has visited. My nephew being the adventurer that he is, has been to Moscow, Russia (he actually performs as a DJ for the nightclubs in Moscow); Israel; Turkey; England; Italy; France; Spain; Australia; Indonesia; Taiwan; China; Korea; Canada; Germany; Mexico. If you want to keep up with the adventures of my nephew, find him on Facebook here: Special Note: Michaelis has performed as a DJ at a few after hour Academy Awards parties.

Michaelis is not a paranormal investigator, but he has been to many countries. Many of the countries have their local paranormal legends. Bali is no exception. Here are some of the haunted spots In Bali. Note to nephew: Michaelis, if you are brave enough, check out some of these haunted spots and give me a full report!

Located in the mountains of Bali, going towards the mesmerizing Bedugal Lake, you will find the mysterious Ghost Palace Hotel. The Ghost Palace Hotel is also known as PI Bedugul Taman Rekreasi Hotel & Resort. This hotel was built by Tommy Suharto. Somehow this hotel became cursed. The curse probably was due to jealousy and the possible riches that this hotel could bring. Legend has it that the hotel was either cursed by a ruthless developer that was trying to keep away his rivals or it was cursed by the competition. Either way the locals will tell you that this hotel is definitely cursed.

Tourists claim that they have seen the wandering spirits of laborers that were killed during the construction of the hotel. Some of these laborers died horrible agonizing deaths. GHOSTS IDENTIFIED: GHOST PALACE HOTEL PHANTOM LABORERS.

On July 2008, right before the famous Rip Curl Padang Cup (Indonesia’s longest-running surfing competition) was due to start; a huge shipping vessel, the Ho Tsai #18 ran aground on a reef during the night. The Captain and the crew were not on the ship, they were nowhere to be found, they simply vanished! Legend has it that this ship was a rogue fishing vessel, taking fish illegally. There was possibly mutiny and murder taking place on this vessel. The ship was eventually burned to the ground and to this day, some tourists claim that they see this evil ship in the sea. A commercial fisherman by the name of Rober DeLani claims that he once encountered the Flying Dutchman near Tahiti in 1996 and encountered the Padang Padang near Bali in 2014. Rober says he is a psychic and that spirits are drawn to him, especially spirits of the sea. Rober claims that a spirit from the Flying Dutchman told him that he would encounter one more ghostly ship and that ship was the Padang Padang. A spirit on the Padang Padang told Rober that they need to leave this hell of horror and were in need of help. Rober claims that he had his shaman friend bless the area where Padang Padang was ship wrecked. GHOSTLY VESSEL IDENTIFIED: PADANG PADANG

If you love beautiful white sand, then Muaya Beach is the place to go. Tourists love the white sand and gentle waves. Also, there are mysterious doll vampires called Jenglots that have washed up on the shore. They say that the Jenglot is a terrifying beast that resembles a tiny human being or tiny human fetus. This creature will drink blood and take control of its victim. Legend has it that when a person is controlled by a Jenglot, they may be influenced to commit suicide or even commit murder. Local traditional healer named Jero Mangku neutralized the jenglot, before two joggers who encountered these doll vampires lost their mind. Carolynn Banks while walking along the beach at night, claims that 3 Jenglots jumped on her legs and bit her all over her legs. She ran away in terror and her boyfriend chased the Jenglots away by growling real loud and throwing sand at the Jenglots. When Carolynn’s boyfriend was taking her home, to nurse her wounds, Carolynn started hitting her boyfriend and thought about killing him. Carolynn went for a full submersion baptism and the thoughts of murder left her mind. ENTITIES IDENTIFIED: JENGLOTS

There are many cemeteries on the island of Bali and supposingly a witch named Leak that has long black hair and is seen lurking around the cemeteries. In Kintamani, Bali; skeletons at the cemetery are on display for the public to see. Lon Daman a tourist of Bali says that he encountered Leak at one of the cemeteries in Bali and for a period of 6 years, he would have nightmares of Leak sitting on his chest, trying to take his breath away. Special Note: Is Leak an Incubus or maybe the entity that causes the Old Hag Syndrome? Lon went to a retreat at Mount Shasta for a spiritual cleansing and never had another nightmare of Leak. WITCH IDENTIFIED: LEAK

Female Sea Goddess named Fierce haunts the beach. Padang Galak means fierce. The Sea Goddess Fierce drowns her victims, especially surfers. One time a kite actually killed a boy on the beach. It was said that the boy was laughing and making fun of the Sea Goddess Fierce and saying she did not exist. While flying his kite, the kite came crashing down by a strong wind and part of the kite stick went straight into the boy’s eye, impaling the front of his brain, killing him instantly. The Sea Goddess Fierce is also known to take down surfers, she will pull them off their surf boards and take them to the bottom of the ocean drowning them. SEA GODDESS IDENTIFIED: FIERCE

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