July 21, 2017 8:04 am

What do we know so far about ‘American Horror Story’ season seven? The theme was just revealed! Click in to find out all about ‘Cult,’ set to premiere September 5 at 10 PM ET.

This time around, Ryan Murphy and the FX co. isn’t keeping the American Horror Story storyline a secret like they did for American Horror Story: Roanoke. We knew season seven would have something to do withthe election, but now we know the official title is American Horror Story: Cult! The new season art features dozens of clowns standing in a circle while covering their heads as if cowering for something… we can’t WAIT to figure out what that means!

It was revealed on Thursday night at as part of a major event at San Diego Comic-Con. Ryan took to Twitter to say a few titles that it wouldn’t have, including “COLONY,” “HIVE,” and “ANN COULTER,” then tweeted “CULT.” The website, AHS7.com also immediately went live, displaying terrifying clowns.

As for who will star in this season, Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson will be returning, as well as Billie Lourd, Billy Eichner, Leslie Grossman and Colton Haynes. Ryan also revealed Thursday that Lena Dunham will be joining the cast this year; Lady Gaga will not be returning.

We also know that while the theme has something to do with the election, Ryan did say in February that we “will not see [Donald] Trump and [Hillary] Clinton as characters on the show.” Who will we see? Well Ryan’s been dropping some hints on Instagram, but we’re not quite sure what they all add up to. One is an elephant mask with smeared blood on its mouth, one appears to be a face with multiple holes, and one shows hands growing out of the head; Ryan captioned that last one with, “AHS season 7 clue: ambidexterity.”

We can also expect to see the return of Twisty. Ryan took to Instagram to share a shot of a kid holding “The Twisty Chronicles,” showing the terrifying clown from Freak Show. He captioned the pic with, “He’s Baaaaaack.”


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