May 24, 2017 9:20 am

We are a group of independent filmmakers from London, but in fact, each of us comes from differ-ent parts of Europe. This year, we came together to produce, film and share four short stories we were inspired by. We love scary stories with a twist, hence three of those stories (Zombie, Awoken and Whispers) are horror films and one is a comedy (George).

Actually, the three horror films work as a trilogy. The characters are the same, only the setting of the movies change: Zombie relates to Zombie theme, Awoken to a Monster Theme and Whispers to a Ghost Theme. What a doomed family they are, aren’t they?

So far, with the support from Station Productions, from Portugal, we completed the principal pho-tography for Zombie and George. To see our journey you can watch a behind the scenes video:

We are very eager to film Awoken and Whisper but in order to do so we need to find the necessary funds. Therefore, we need your support. Even the smallest gesture counts and can help us reach our goal. For your generosity, we will send you amazing gifts, check our indiegogo website.

If you are unable to support us financially, please share our campaign on your social media, or maybe you can help us by any other means. we welcome any offered help with open hands.

Thank you for your help!!!!!!!!

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This post was written by Nadia Vella