March 30, 2017 9:53 am

Spirit filmed in Yorkshire restaurant could be an evil prisoner hanged in an old courtroom , say ghost hunters.

GHOST hunters claim they caught a spirit on camera – and it looked like Friday the 13th’s evil killer Jason Voorhees.

Terrified staff at the New York Italian Kitchen in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, called in paranormal investigators after a series of mysterious events, including glasses flying off the bar.

The East Drive Paranormal team used thermal imaging to film the “ghost” and picked up a spooky image of a man in an empty room who resembled the sinister hockey-mask wearing character from 1980 film.

Medium Jason Lindsay, 20, said he believes it is the ghost an evil former prisoner hung for his sins in a nearby police station.

Jason said: “We got a call from the owners of the restaurant – they sent us CCTV in which you see a glass be lifted up and throw itself at the bar. They said the staff were frightened, they kept hearing and seeing strange things.

“As soon as we got inside things started happening pretty quickly. We sensed the presence of a man in his fifties. He seemed pretty annoyed – the restaurant had only recently opened and there had been decorating going on which we think had disturbed his place, and he was not happy about it.

“Everyone felt unwelcome, like we needed to leave, and this is the same feeling members of staff there have reported. The atmosphere had everyone on edge.

“We used a thermal imaging camera to take pictures and caught the image of a face behind the door – it looked just like there was a person stood there.

“We think it was definitely the same spirit we could feel, the photo is so clear. There was definitely no one else in the kitchen at all when the image was taken, we were all sat round the table.

“We were all shocked. When I looked back at the photos, I realised it actually does look like Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th.

“It definitely looks like a man in a mask and the character in the film is very similar to the spirit that was there. He wasn’t welcoming and he made us feel uneasy.”

The team was originally set up to investigate 30 East Drive in Pontefract, one of Europe’s most haunted sites.

They were called to the site in November after viewing CCTV footage of the glass being thrown from the bar by an invisible hand while staff members Josh Frith and Caitlin Baxby chat nearby.

Soon after arriving at the restaurant many of the investigators reported feeling sick and suffering from headaches, something they have felt before when unwelcoming spirits are present.

They claimed to sense the presence of a man in his fifties they believe was a former criminal who was hung at a courthouse close to the building.

They also witnessed other unexplained activity such as a fork mysteriously falling onto the floor, heard strange tapping noises and picked up recordings of murmuring, humming and chanting.

The group also claimed to have made contact with the ghost of a little girl who was picked up on infrared monitors stood next to medium Carol Fieldhouse.

Jason, who has been a medium for the last six years, said: “Within minutes of arriving team members started getting tension headaches, which is something we have felt before when negative spirits are present, and two people began feeling sick.

“Many years ago there used to be an old police station and court house just up the road where criminals were kept and hung – we think that is what happened to this man.

“Underneath Wakefield there are tunnels which led between the police station, prison and court house – one of them is directly under the restaurant – so we think his body must be buried close by.

“After a few hours we managed to make contact with the male spirit and we told him it was not his premises and that he needed to leave the staff members alone.

“Later in the night as Carol was talking she felt the presence of a young girl close to her, a child or a teenager. This was picked up by the infrared movement monitors, you can see someone standing next to her.

“The whole thing was quite scary for us. But Carol and I work together and we would never do anything alone in case something went wrong.”

Friday the 13th is considered an unlucky day by the superstitious

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