March 20, 2017 5:05 pm

About  Sasquatch I: It Begins; The Curse of the Were-squatch

Sheriff Anderson is having issues after the last 25 years since his father had left him. He doesn’t know what to do. He wakes up this morning, wetting his bed as a grown man. He decides to fix it. He doesn’t know that fixing it means looking the sasquatches in the eyes, and realizing that the beast is the tormentor of Lake Charles. With the help of his bumbling deputy Alex, and their stoner friend Ricky, the plot unravels, and the squatches murder. What should the law men do, when the squatches are 8 feet tall, can throw a human 10 feet, and rip out human intestines all in on fluid movement. I guess that is the question asked by many men. What do you do when the squatches come for you?

It’s the question that many a northern man has asked themselves when they hear the bumps in the night. Don’t worry because the squatches have never met a more unprepared, but good- looking pair of lawmen. Squatches beware, not from the law, but from the Gypsies.


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