February 6, 2017 3:46 pm

A California woman says she was waterboarded and feared she was going to die after a visit to a haunted house dubbed the world’s scariest.

Amy Milligan, of East County, said she was left traumatized after going through McKamey Manor in San Diego.

The exclusive attraction, which has a waiting list of thousands, only accommodates a few visitors at a time – who are background checked by founder Russ McKamey first.

Milligan gave a positive exit interview about the experience because she wanted them to make a video of her tour – so she would have evidence of what happened to her, she told the San Diego Union-Tribune.

That video, which was posted on YouTube, shows her being pushed to the ground, slapped around and pulled around by her hair.

But the footage is edited – with subtitles telling viewers ‘I cannot show you what takes place.’

When the film resumes, Milligan is seen lying in a freezer in a few inches of dirty water – and the haunted house’s actors pour water over her head.
Another section is edited out, and when the video again resumes, she appears terrified and is soaking wet.

Milligan says the video was edited to cut out the worst parts of the experience. It didn’t show the part where she was forced to lie down in a shallow pool of water with her hands tied and a cage over it, she said.

She said the actors pushed her head underwater again and again while she begged them to stop.

‘I’m going to die here, I’m going to drown,’ Milligan says she remembers thinking.

‘My hair is wrapping around my neck and I start freaking out. I’m telling them I can’t breathe and they’re just laughing and doing it more,’ she told the Union-Tribune.

She said the experience left her with physical and emotional scars.

‘I cry over every little thing. If I hear about McKamey Manor, I freak out.

‘You give them so much trust and they just break it by waterboarding you and slapping you,’ she added.

She went to police with her concerns about the manor, she said, but didn’t file a report.

But McKamey insisted that participants are aware what they are getting into – but denied that anyone is waterboarded.

He wouldn’t confirm if the cage Milligan mentioned existed but said people will feel like they are drowning during the haunt.

‘We do not waterboard, we do not even kind of waterboard,’ he told the Union-Tribune.

He added: ‘It’s psychological what we’re doing. They’re safe all the time.’

McKamey described Milligan as one of the ‘haters.’

He explained that a minority of participants who pursue an invitation, ignore the warnings and sign a waiver then accuse the haunted house of torture and assault.

McKamey spent more than $500,000 to make McKamey Manor the terrifying experience it is.

He described it in 2014 as PG-13, family-friendly and like ‘Indiana Jones on steroids.’

However, visitors are also required to be over 21 and have no potentially deadly medical conditions.


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This post was written by Nadia Vella