February 4, 2017 5:46 pm

When you’re looking for a place to stay on a road trip, you’re probably just looking for a place that’s clean, convenient, and affordable.

Yet one motel owner in Nevada has a lot more in store for guests.

He runs a clown-themed motel that, as you might guess, is brimming with clowns.

Creepy, freaky clowns.

It’s situated in Tonopah, Nevada, far off the beaten path.

It’s called The Clown Motel.

And when they say “clown-themed,” they really mean it.

They’re everywhere, gracing the shelves, seats, and signs throughout the property.

There are, reportedly, over 500 of them on site.

They run from friendly to scary…

…but many would argue even the friendliest clowns are still a little scary.

Oh, and if that’s not enough to get you scared…

…there’s a giant makeshift graveyard just out back.

Tonopah used to be a mining town and there were supposedly lots of deadly accidents.

Naturally, people think that there might be something spooky and supernatural going on in these parts.

People have really let the rumors get to them.

With many claiming that the motel itself is haunted, claiming they hear voices and noises.

That could just be paranoia from a clown-induced freakout, though.

If you’re thinking this would be the ideal spot for a reality show…

…you’d be right.

Ghost Hunters took a look around the place all while host Zak had to face his intensely real fear of clowns.

If this place is scaring the host of Ghost Hunters, that’s…impressive, actually
All this madness doesn’t scare off everyone, though.

The motel has decent reviews on Yelp and manages to get people seeking it out as a destination as well as people looking to drop in during road trips.

It’s also affordable, suggesting people aren’t going to pay too much to have clowns stare them down all night.
Reportedly, the staff is really helpful.

That might not completely put your fears of clown-murders to rest, but it’s something, right?

Also, they back off the clown motif a bit inside the actual rooms.

Maybe for the sake of your sanity, or maybe because guests kept stealing clowns.

Who knows?

It might not be for everyone…

…but staying a night at The Clown Motel will certainly give you a better story than posting up at a Holiday Inn Express.

And if you’re looking to beat your fear of clowns…

…this could be a good spot to do it.

Or it will scare you to death.

There’s only one way to find out!

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This post was written by Nadia Vella