January 30, 2017 8:39 am

Here are some tips for what I would personally do if I were a parent of a psychic child:

1. Don’t encourage your child to interact with or make a friend of spirits

I have heard of some parents who encourage the child to talk to the lost spirit, as if it’s some long lost ancestor. I personally wouldn’t encourage that. I feel that there is really no place for the lost spirit, in a child’s room or around your child. There is a place for guardian angels and Spirit Guides, but not for lost spirits.

2. Explain to your child what she is seeing

Yes, this probably involves explaining what happens when we die if you have not already (I personally think that heaven is a nice concept). You could explain that some souls do not want to go to heaven straight away and instead wait around for someone they loved – and occasionally they get lost and go where they shouldn’t. I personally wouldn’t make up a lie because your child will sense it, and will be confused. And confusion can breed fear.

3. Make spirits seem less scary

I remember when I was little I was very scared of spiders. For some reason, I became less scared of them when my father explained that spiders are more scared of us than we are of them – they seemed less fearsome once I knew that.

When I clear these lost spirits from locations and auras, they do sometimes seem pretty terrified. So you could tell your child that usually spirits are as scared of us as we are of them. Plus we, as humans, have all the power. Lost spirits are pretty much powerless. They can’t do anything to hurt us. I also remember my father once saying to me ‘it’s not the dead who can hurt us’ (i.e. the dead are not to be feared.)

4. Don’t make it ‘weird’ or ‘worrying’

Try to make it as normal as possible, but you could also touch on the fact that it’s not OK to talk about it to just anyone, because some people can’t see the spirits and will think you’re making it up!

Hopefully these tips should make the experience of sensing or seeing a spirit less traumatic for your child. But if they don’t, here’s a final tip:

Remind your child that she in control

You can let your child know that it is possible to ask a spirit to leave their space. It is also possible to call on an angel to come and take the lost spirit away. If your child sees spirits in her bedroom at night, place a little angel symbol somewhere for her to hold if she gets scared. Teach her a simple prayer such as ‘Archangel Michael, come and take away this lost spirit’. Remind her that she has angels who look after her and who can remove the lost spirits.

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This post was written by Nadia Vella