January 17, 2017 10:49 am

Most children can see spirits. For some, this ability starts as soon as they can focus their eyes and for others, the ability to see Spirits develops as they get older.

Until, at some point, when they tend to stop seeing Spirits. There’s a societal and cultural conditioning that exists that continues to tell children that their friends are imaginary and that monsters aren’t real, and neither is the man they keep talking about.

This is the same reason most adults cannot see spirits – because at some point along the way, we were told in numerous ways that our experience wasn’t real.

But before this happens, and it doesn’t have to, there’s a period of time in childhood where most, if not all, children can see, hear, and feel those in Spirit. Good and Bad. All kinds.

This period of time is generally most evident to parents between the ages of 2 to 8 years old. Although, it can start much earlier and go on much, much later.

think your child can see ghosts? here’s a list of the most common signs that a child can and is seeing those in spirit.

9 Signs Your Child Can See Ghosts

– your child has a long history of sleeping troubles, usually starting in infancy and toddlerhood with not sleeping through the night

– your child frequently stares off into empty space, blank walls, or windows

– your child talks about “peoples,” “bats,” “monsters,” etc. that you cannot see.

– your child talks to your about individuals and beings that you cannot see.

– your child points and talks about animals that you cannot see.

– your child has conversations with “nothing.”

– your child shares their food and drink with a seemingly non-existent being.

– your child suddenly gets nervous and scared in public places, often looking down and averting their eyes

– your child comes running to you fearfully while playing outside with no discernible danger

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