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“Alien Acropolis”

I want to imagine that I know
These places of which I go
From my head
While I lay in bed
Summoned to an acropolis
Built by the dead
While I am dreaming
Yet still breathing
Memories into life
Underneath the strife
Of what’s stopping us
From a future
Of perfect harmony
Is it evolution that’s
The solution
To construct the cities
For the love that we seek
Religions fighting
To make writings
For celestial kings
Manipulating each other
Like seasons with reasons
And visions tumbling down
From the mountainsides
Of Heaven
Rocks crumbling
Stones with sound fall
Into the rubble
Where we could stumble
To be found
The moon and sun
Our father and mother
Are we not proud
Of our sisters and brothers
Beloved by the light
Blinded in sight
So the day comes loud
What then
Would we think
If we could say
That we believe
In these dreams
Of magnificent beings

Alien Acropolis

Why do we build temples on the high place of the hill, with stars looking down at us and whisper through the stone windows to them our secrets? Can they hear us, as we plead with them? Do they know us, from their heights, or are we simply misplacing our memories, to try and capture the moments of time? Do we build, so that they come, or do we resist the urge for sanity?

This alien acropolis exists in the future ahead of us. An acropolis is typically a Greek fortress, which was legendary, throughout the world. We can only assume that, as we expand into space, we will build these places. We can only be so certain that time will uncover the truth, just as temples and tombstones are unburied, so too, is every secret that the universe has hidden away, until the right moment. The moment of enlightenment, perception and evolution is upon us. We will become awakened for the purpose of celestial habitation.

When seeking for answers, we oftentimes look to the past, for the stories that shaped us, both bad and good, to heal and learn from. We have awareness that these events have affected the present and we learn to overcome our nature, to repurpose our lives. Time is short and because there is so much repetition it may cause insanity. Our hearts, deeds, magic and love all becomes habit and cause us to fail to have a higher spiritual ascension.

No, nothing is as it seems. Pyramids, cemeteries, history, religion, politics, food, water, medicine, relationships and all meaning- it all fades away in the truth, which has not yet been written. Once we open our eyes to the past, we do continue to save ourselves from the same mistakes, misconceptions and culture. We become the heroes of our lives.

We are also like princes and princesses, moving on into a foreign land. We are dropping our clothing, jewelry and habits, of one family to the next. We are born as a blank canvas and manifesting art in through our bloodlines. We adopt the new customs, as we reach the land of eternity and there is no need for worldly ways of thinking.

Below, I want to share with you some ancient sights that have raised suspicion, as to their purpose. We can speculate on these designs because of the care and grace we see, carved or painted on by, with an artist hand, who feels only with intent of beauty and perspective. Who could create such masterpieces, without the inspiration of the Gods of the skies…putting kings and queens up high with the gods and goddesses for all to admire and idolize as beings of a higher evolution, than our genes carry.

These acropolises were built so perfect, there is still misunderstanding as to how they were constructed so well. Just like the ancient pyramids of Egypt, they are shrouded in stories and mystery. They reach a peak and then do tumble down, birthing a new generation of philosophy and royalty. Let us explore the lands of our ancient world, as we learn how to evolve into the future.

Acropolis of Athens

This acropolis is also called Cecropia, after Cecrops, who is the first Athenian king. He is a mythological creature which has the top half of a man and the bottom of a serpent or fish tail. He is said to have reigned here, for over fifty years. He taught the Athenians many different cultural concepts, such as reading and writing, ceremonial marriage and also, burials. He demanded that sacrifices be made to Zeus, the sky god. These were not to be of living flesh, but of cakes and incense.

The Parthenon, an ancient temple, dedicated to Athena, the goddess of wisdom, craft and war also lies here. She has an olive tree that she plants here before Poseidon could make his mark, causing her to take ownership of the city. It stands for many cultural achievements of the people in the city.

This is meant to be a place to dwell, in an emergency, or should war break out. It is a spiritual convergence, onto a physical plane. This is a place to store valuables such as seeds, oils and precious metals. It is a place for the best of the best in all life’s passions. It is a place for experts to reside and those wishing to be a part of something larger, with them. It seems as if several sites of significance are built and rebuilt here.

Acropolis of Kolona

This place is found on the island of Aegina. Gods that dominate the area here are; Apollo, Artemis, Asklipeio, Athena, Demeter, Dionysus, Hecate and Heracles. Asklipeio represents healing, so this is where his center is. Apollo and Dionysus are both well known to represent the arts. There is a massive stadium and theatre here, which defies human standards. Other temples are built for Artemis, goddess of the moon and hills and also, twin to Apollo. Athena is a goddess of literature and wisdom. Demeter is a representation of agriculture. Hecate is a goddess of ghosts, night and witchcraft. Heracles is a celestial protector over mankind. These beings all evolve into one history and location.

Kolona is the religious and political base of the island. Unfortunately, only a few ruins remains today, towering high, into the sky, reaching up, speaking a whisper of what it once was. Yet, there is so much spiritual power which surrounds the land, from the massive lifespan of the habitation of the land, which will never leave. The energy is eternal.

Acropolis of Mycenae

This city also has a mythological founder, known as Perseus. He is the son of sky god Zeus. He is a hero of the era and his tasks included; saving Andromeda from a sea monster named Cetus, beheading Medusa and he serves as an ancestor of Heracles.

Cyclopean masonry is a type of stonework found in Mycenaean architecture. It is called this, because it is thought a cyclops has built this massive limestone structure. These designs are so legendary and notable, that some cannot be sure even to the exact nature of the construction. That is a part of the magic of the area.

The Lion Gate, at this place, is the only surviving artifact of Bronze Age Greece and carries significance of concepts and history at that time, much the same as would a statue or sculpture of importance in this era. It is still unknown as to the precise timing of the events in the land but some small objects, such as an Egyptian scarab and burial plots, have left vague timelines, in their wake.

Acropolis of Thebes

Thebes was a major rival to Athens in the Bronze Age. The size and structure, military power and mythological legends born here are very powerful and surreal. The stories included here are of the Gods; Amphion, Cadmus, Dionysus, and Oedipus.

Cadmus, who is the brother to Europa, was helped by the Spartoi, who are warriors, lifted from the mouth of a dragon. He helped to found the citadel of Cadmea. This site is popularly used during the Bronze Age and has a fantastic power to it. The mystery and wonder that it holds, still stands in representation of this time, with honor.

Dionysus is the god of fertility, theatre and wine. He is also found to have been worshiped by the Mycenaean Greeks. He is the son of Zeus. He has a fennel staff, tipped with a pine-cone and known as a thyrsus. This is sometimes wound up with Ivy and honey. It can help him and those who believe in his ways, to break free from oppression. The cult which represents him is also known to feed the dead with blood offerings.

Oedipus, the mythological king, whose story helped the people of his time to circumvent the many different visions of fate or freewill, lives on here, in spirit. The tragedy of his story haunts over those who visit here. It is a deep and complex web of immorality and death, which is explored, throughout history, with much analytical thinking.

The seven gated wall which surrounds Thebes, is said to have been created by Amphion, who enchanted the stones into their positions by the use of music and magic. It is told that he strummed his lyre, until they all danced into position. The complex guardian of this acropolis has been protecting it for ages.

Acropolis of Light

Although the acropolis of these ancient Greek places are predominately what is understood at the heart of the matter, other places, around the world, may also be considered a vague expansion of cities whereas the mystical and cultural centers stood. I can see the light breaking through here, out of the clouds, onto these days and burning them into permanence, all over the place.

These are movements of great power, divergence and popularity. They are organized motives gathered into a circumstance of time and absolution. The feeling of freedom devours us, as our empowerment through cultural manifestations complete society, into a masterpiece of mutual collection. These pieces gather together into architectural wonders, heightened states of enlightenment and progressive political movement and revolutions.

We are light beings magnetized to moments of life where history is happening and we can move forward together, into an idolized future of peace and prosperity, with a brighter purpose, than of our own creation. In these places, we are truly living and evolving into shapes of the universe, set to collide, into everything and everyone.

Acropolis of Dreams

According to popular tradition, when we dream of a lot of people, it is a sign that means we are deeply rooted subconsciously into aspects of how society expects us to behave. Perhaps, we analyze these situations to understand personal behaviors, through the eyes of others, for what we adapt as a survival mechanism. Where there is an Acropolis, there are many people around, our connections help us to feel safe and transform into a larger spiritual energy, together.

Many U.F.O. and alien dreams suggest a psychological feeling of isolation from society. They can be taken symbolically, or as memories, of an actual abduction or traumatic event, involving environmental and cultural changes. They identify with our fears of mystery and helplessness. This usually involves a great amount of fear and oppression.

Our brains are literally like cities, transferring energy from cell to cell, through bloodstreams, like rivers and walls, surrounding the castle, where third eye and divine process connects. Our dreams build up this Acropolis as we slumber, as it is living and breathing with activity and life.

Subconsciously, we restore ourselves into the powerful rulers of our destinies. We connect with our highest selves and the angelic guides, who summon our fantasies, manifesting our palaces, into reality. We transfer our perceptions of space and time, into kingdoms on Earth.

Let me share with you, some of this mana, from my mind;

Saturday, December 3rd 2016

The Clones

I am in another land. The weather is cold and clear. The landscape is muddy and wet. There are dark green trees around, with intricate trunks, as if you can see them breathing.

I am sitting in a car, watching this place, with a camera and zooming in for magnification on a hillside, miles away. It is very silent in this place, not even the sound of an animal, comes through.

There is a campus of some kind, made of brown brick, with a cobblestone walkway, in front of the landscape. It has high and ancient towers, fences and lights all around the area, for protection.

I don’t know these people, this area, or what’s going on. I have my sister Abby and Paul in the driver’s seat of the car, parked, with me in the passenger seat. They are themselves but, not mentally or emotionally complete. They are stone silent, like robots.

I have a memory when I look at Abby of a round fish tank, filled with four turtles, which are all clones. They are colored different than, a regular turtle, they have a lime green tone. I am holding and inspecting the turtles, in the glass bowl. I am a young girl.

I come back to the present moment and it is becoming night time. On the horizon, where I am looking, I start seeing silver U.F.O’s lining up, together. I zoom in, take a good photo and then panic and run, when I realize they notice me.

The next night, I return. On the way there, in the car, we stop by a farm, with tiny pigs running about. The pigs grow into regular size. These pigs are very smart, they move slower and with more thought, than the average one.

The car door is open and one that’s pink with brown spots tries to get inside. It can’t jump in time because, the car and my mind is moving too fast. It is so intelligent, it keeps trying to come in but, it also reads my mind, as we drive away and recedes its position.

We hurry because the sun is setting now, again. We park over in a spot that resembles the mystery spot of Santa Cruz, which I know. There is a high brown rock and dark green plants, on the perimeter.

This time, as the sun is setting, there is a large and magnificent silver dragon, on the horizon. It is spectacular. It is hovering in the air, just slightly bouncing up and down, as it holds a neutral position.

The middle of the dragon is a moving tube that looks slender, soft, alive and magical. The look almost reminds me of velvet, if it were a metal. It even has brown eyes, which are large and have no pupils.

It is suspended by enormous silver wings, which look identical to feathers. They are intricate, lightweight but obviously, of a living metal, as it moves, apart and together, like tiny organisms of the same species, breathing as one. They come together, to shape incredible, heart shaped wings. The wings are a softer hue, than the body of the dragon.

I am overcome so much, by the beauty and wonder, that I find myself getting out of the car and joining the groups of people, by the brown building, which sits tall and high, like a castle.

Abby and Paul wait in the car for me, in silence, in case anything should happen and we would need to escape.

I slowly walk past a large group of people, in technologically advanced outfits. They are all dressed alike, just as if they are in uniform.

This is obviously an organization of some kind, like a college, because they are all as old as I am. They are walking around and discussing the same topics, grouping together in uniformity, speaking in an unheard language.

The outfits are dark blues, trimmed with rich browns and blacks. They are embossed in circular shapes around the neckline. There are some with swirls emanating from the chest, like a sun shape, becoming raised up, pieces of the same soul fabric, on the surface.

The fabric has tiny designs on few, with variation, like blue roses on one exquisite jacket piece, which I detail in my mind, as I walk past a unit of students, bonding together.

The people start to notice me. I am in black, so I don’t stand out to much to be recognized, because there are some black shirts underneath, of blue blazer jackets, which my colors blend in with.

The cobblestones are a brown and red color and they are shaped like octagons, coming together, in the center, to form a mandala.

The mandala matches the colors of all the uniforms, buildings and environment. The mandala comes together as one, to form a large surface about eight feet altogether and across. The color from the outside is a dark brown, red and then to yellow, with lining in navy blue, black and silver.

There is a man sitting down on a brown built in stone bench, with a white and grainy like sandy, top on it. He is very healthy, with a dark blonde shiny hair color and Earthly brown eyes.

I feel such an attraction to his gene structure because; some of the other people look far more superior to us. He looks like he is imperfect; like we are, on our planet. The others have sharp and narrow faces and ears, shapes perfected through time.

I grab his navy blue uniform. It feels as cotton feels and is hard and stiff, like cardboard. I am overcome with passion and I start shaking him slightly, by the opening of his jacket.

He is slightly larger than I am; perhaps he is about five feet eight inches. He is built athletically, as if he does a lot of physical work.

“Where are we?” I frantically shout at him. I am asking questions and he obviously can’t understand me too well. He starts to shake his head and speak rapidly in another language.

“Is that French?” I ask and then he pulls away from me, but still is sitting. He is trying to explain something to me.

I literally jump on top of him, as if we are magnets. I say that I just love his genes and latch on, even with my legs twisted, around him. He has on black pants, too.

He starts yelling in desperation at me. He grabs me and moves me away from him, speaking now in American; “You are a clone, where is the real you?”

“Where is the real you.” It echoes inside with emotion following close behind.

It paralyzes me when he says that, as I start to panic about this question. Obviously, I am in dream form. “Where do you come from?” He asks again?

I start freaking out as I see the anxiety in his eyes. A silver U.F.O. is landing where Abby and Paul are supposed to be parked. So, I try to run as fast as possible, back to the vehicle.

When I realize how far I walked from the car, I became angry at myself. It seems like a few miles. I am walking fast, through a maze of rooms inside and hallways.

I get a sense of urgency, as I realize there are officials, in all black and white uniforms, with hats, like paperboys but, with a black rope twisted with two pieces around the circumference of the hat, extending with a small visor to protect the eyes, asking questions, looking for someone.

I realize it is me they are searching for. I hide in a shower room. The curtains are a navy blue color and the tile has opaque stones in them, offset by beiges and sandy whites.

As the man is coming towards the shower, I bolt and run as fast as possible, away from this place. I am really feeling the anxiety now.

I run back through the center of the outside of the building and everyone is drawing up close to the oval shaped U.F.O., which is landed now. They are hypnotized but, not as if they are held against their will, just by sheer fascination.

I could feel the urge to watch who was coming out of the U.F.O., overtake me but, I was extremely worried for my family and safety. I wanted to know so badly what was inside but, I knew that if I did, I could possibly never return home.

I arrive back at the car, which seems to be changing colors every day and we leave in silence, driving slow, so that we don’t draw too much attention, away from the spaceship, that has just landed.

Wednesday, February 1st 2017

U.F.O. Falling

I am outside in a green pasture, with my husband and also Josh Flagg from the t.v. show, Million Dollar Listing, on the Bravo channel. Josh is wearing a night blue suit and black sunglasses. My husband and I are in black pants and t-shirts.

There is a crowd of people that comes to gather by us. Across from us is a deep hollow, which comes into perspective, as it rises into a high hill. I see a lot of tangerine, coral and white colors, in their clothing.

The reason that the people are coming over, is because there is a U.F.O hovering over us and they are screaming, to try and save us: “It’s going to crash!”

The U.F.O. is silver and resembles a pan flute, in design. The ribbons of material are easily seen, layered about, below the machine. The craft is hollow, like the legendary musical instrument but, there is a feeling I have, like life dwells inside of it.

It stops right above us three and then launches itself into the abyss, crashing. It is blazon and goes up; into smoke. There is a huge explosion and a fire.

The people are freaking out, while the three of us are in shock. I keep hearing in my head, “There’s a foreign body, invading the atmosphere.”

Then, I know that it crashed because the surrounding area of Earth, detected the metal as foreign and did not let it survive, much like how our bodies attack strange matter.

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Alien Acropolis

As we evolve as civilizations, separated by vast oceans and limitless knowledge, we can only reach those divine places by connecting with higher sources of love, such as familiarity with family, homelands, dreams, spiritual past lives, passions and symbols for what we all perceive as the greater good.

We let the good in, we let the bad out and from there and cities are built. Our people are those around us, every day, mirroring the heart we hold inside. Many of us rise up together, to create these realms in many dimensions; building temples, legends, Gods, and hoping to breach the divide, where the alien light hides.

We go where we are not allowed, where our minds cannot reach, there is where the truth hides from us; beyond, digging deeper into space, like spirits, on the run.These places that helped to teach us, can still connect us to these heavenly Gods and ideas. We can time travel to these locations, through the art of history and meditation, carving out a steady foundation, in the ground, until there are towers and persons all around, waiting to be found. Once we reach the peak, alien forces will tear us down again, onto the ground and we will call it destiny. The planet is cycling, revolving, nurturing and destroying our dwellings, to challenge us to face a foe that is coming. Build the strongest walls around your soul and do not let the darkness in.

Deanna Jaxine Stinson, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka Wishfire


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