December 16, 2016 6:21 pm

Archons are para-spiritual parasites.

There are entities attached to this planet that seem so difficult to explain that we have developed a great deal of different names and characteristics to be attributed to them.

Some say they are alien or ET. All planets have these beings whether they hold other life or not. The only reason your writer feels it fair to call them alien is they are not natural but rather attachments, that have come from somewhere else. There is much speculation over where this, somewhere else, actually is but your writer does not feel this is important. What matters is they were here long before us.

As conscious beings they are very much like us in terms of having personality, although perhaps billions of years has made them bitter, twisted and malicious beings.

They do not have what we have. The physical form. Flesh, blood. They have shape without size and energy without boundaries. Thoughts and feeling with limited ability to act or function, alone.

Which is where we come in.

Archons need us to experience and act for them. Puppeteers vicariously living through their puppets. Much like we witness in most other beings, their strength of will, their thoughts, feelings and motives, vary from each other. At the same time they are united. They help to feed each other just as they do themselves. The even fight to defend each other.

These beings will work for others also if the other is able and willing to feed them, whatever it is, they desire. We cannot call this sustenance. It’s more like it gives them purpose. That said, they are tricky beings to understand. Their wants are not our wants.

The Draco have utilized them heavily. The Parents created something much like them for the same purpose. To disrupt and disturb. AI technology has also been known to behave in a very similar way, (your writer has heard some claims the Archons inspired the creation of AI to begin with, although he is not yet sure if he agrees) and the shadow government also mimics them for the same reasons.

Identifying them correctly can therefor be difficult. Names, names, names..

For those who can tune their vision to properly see them they would appear something like an insect, sea creature, or reptile. They over lap and blend together, increasing and decreasing in size, from too massive to fully see, down to microscopic. Sometimes too many cluttered together so you cannot make out any one from the bunch. Sometimes you may see only one you’re focused on, or who is focused on you.

They can make you see whatever they choose. Until you learn to see through this at least. They play the role of many others to deceive and confuse, or manipulate and cause to act.

( How? Knowledge, you can find, and practice, which can be quite dangerous. At times is simply enough to KNOW it as an illusion, with out seeing through that veil. As can be said of any type of enemy, learning them is important to survival )

Most commonly they influence thoughts and feelings. They are likely responsible for a majority percentage of insane people. Like a computer virus they infect the mind and eventually spread (if unchecked) into the heart. Becoming a parasite like attachment. They can even create your dreams.

Why the Draco studies, mimics, as well as uses them, should be obvious.

Others do as well, as mentioned. Several magical practices and disciplines utilize Archons and call them by other names. Another side effect of the abusive use of Archons and their general actions is the creation of demons.

That one hit home, didn’t it my friends?

Often a species entire behavioral patterns are dictated by the Archons of the planet. Their influences often dismissed by populations as instinct or as “part of their nature”.

It becomes part of the responsibility of the true keepers of each planet (the life forms She supports and brings into full being) to turn away the Archons and force them into starvation. That topic could be a whole other writing and so your writer will leave you to contemplate.

There is a counter balance, of course, to all of this. Although these beings need us too, they only do so as long as we feed the Archons.

Removing parasites can be tricky. There is much information around to help in this regard.

The Archons have accomplished terrible and incredible things on the various planets they are attached to. They are not meant to be here but they are. Something we will have to address in our own time. They are attached to this planet. Attached to Her. She does Her part until we can match her efforts. The side effects we will succumb to until we reclaim our responsibility of sovereignty.

The current can drag you under and you can drown. This does not mean you leave home to find a place without water.

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This post was written by Nadia Vella