December 10, 2016 11:52 am

Empyrean titans
The moon brightens and
Hides behind a white veil
Water comes forth
Like teardrops from the source
Of an immortal storm
From her face
Like mana from a fountain
Seeds of birth buried
Small rocks tumbled and hurried
Weighed beyond their worth
Your heart is humble
Revealing a vision
Third eye of the bride
Stolen in submission
Love is your name
Your decision
Your voice is great
Above the wake
Like thunder rising
From the Earth

The immortal storm is the spirit of all tempests in the universe. The storm can be physical; watering the seeds of the land, or it can be metaphysical and reside within your heart, mind or soul. The immortal storm is healing, powerful and beautiful, springing forth life in all realms.

There is life and there is destruction, there is recreation and love.
Everywhere that we look, there is something divine, around us. To limit its existence is to also limit, what is beyond that. The galaxy is expanding, as our hearts divide and multiply.

Let me take you on this journey, into another world; and perhaps you are the ship and I am the angel guiding you through the river, like the Styx, winding to the underworld. We weave inside and out, through waves of indecisions and doubt, to find out the truth.

We leave time behind us and our trail becomes trodden into the dirt’s of death and resurrection, our coffins, are the ships that sail us over the threshold of the afterworld, until the wood rots and fairies take home, inside of them. Than we sail the galaxy, like the Milky Way is the vastest ocean and we can swim through space, without practice. We can all swim these waters, as celestial beings.

I will guide you through. Below, is a mix of myths and legends, concerning storms, which are from separate cultures; the ones that I chose, is those with the most information, which I can gather and retell to you. If you feel yourself drawn towards a particular deity, I hope you further study, to find them, in the world.

Hadad is a storm and rain God from ancient Mesopotamian culture. The Amorites introduced him officially as Adad. He is often depicted as a God with bull horns and a beard. He is referred to as the lord of the skies.

Without the presence of this God, there are oftentimes curses on the land and people, such as starvation, disease and war. With the presence of this God, many glorious things may happen such as; you will overcome enemies, have good health and plentiful crops, will grow on your home lands.

Horus is the god of the sky and kingship. He is most often symbolized as a God with a falcon head. In Egyptian hieroglyphics, the falcon symbol represents him. He oversees all the people of land, from his high position in the heavens.

In the ancient land of Egypt, the pharaoh is thought to be an incarnation of this God. In death, the pharaoh will take on the spirit of Osiris. Horus lives on through these kingships, always ruling over with divine authority.

Eyes of Horus
The symbol of the eye of Horus is thought to bring protection and stands for royal authority and power. The right eye is linked to the sun and the left with the moon. Seen together, is very lucky but, apart, circumstances may be less than favorable.

Popularly, this image is shaped into funerary amulets. It was a desired energy, to use and to ward off all evil. It is found in the tombs of ancient Egyptians. It is used as a central focus piece on jewelry. There are seven different representations of this image.

Indra is a deity from Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism. He personifies lightning, thunder and storms. He is a good God and goes against the evil, Vritra. He does not want the people of the world to become enlightened, or they may become more powerful than him.

In Buddhism, Indra rules the realm of reincarnation. He possesses a magical lightning bolt known as Vajra. He is depicted on a white elephant named Airavata, occasionally shown with three heads. He lives in the heavens on Mount Meru.

In Roman mythology, Jupiter is the God of the skies and storms. Jupiter is king of the gods until Christianity becomes more popular in the area. He is usually displayed with an eagle and a thunderbolt, to represent this.

Offerings to Jupiter included an ox with gilded horns, white animals and other tokens of victory, laid upon his feet. This would be a way to give thanks and ensure peace and comfort for this culture, for the future.

Oya is a spirit of the rain, storms, wind, death and rebirth. Oya is an Orisha, which is a spirit, in Latin America, that lives in the spiritual realm. They are represented by the color white. These Orisha commonly come from the Yoruba religions. They made their way into new world culture, through the Atlantic slave trade.

Oya is said to have nine children. She is queen of the river, Niger. She commands the elements of water and wind. She is a fierce and unbeatable warrior, who controls the mysteries of the realm of the dead. She has many powers.

She is the Nordic goddess of the sea and storms. She happens to have a net that can trap all men who venture onto her waters. She catches the souls of all those, who she does not deem worthy to live; Those who she does not respect, whose gone against those Gods she adores (such as Loki), or those who cross her.

Rán is one of the deities who is a female, in this universe. It appears that she has a strong will against those whom she either favors or abhors. The ocean where men’s lives are lost, is referred to as her bed.

The Aos Sí, also known as aes sídhe, is a race of magical beings, such as fae or elves. They are said to be the creatures that can cause storms and blow the wind in whatever direction, they decide. They live behind the supernatural veil, in the Earth and in nature.

These magical beings protect their homes ruthlessly. These homes can be; fairy rings, trees and mounds of the Earth. Once they are set onto a task, they fiercely work, until it is accomplished and also protect their homes savagely. When a person spots them, they can be beautiful or ugly, choosing how they appear to mortals and the like, kind or cruel.

Thor is a Norse God associated with fertility, lightning, oak trees, storms and the protection of mankind. He is the strongest of all Gods and men. He is noted for such acts as; killing giants, guiding those who traveled by sea and traveling the sky with two goats, Tanngrisnir and Tanngnjóstr, who are regenerated from their bones each night. As he rides through the heavens, pulled by these goats, the friction causes storms.

He holds onto a holy artifact called Mjölnir, which is a powerful hammer, which is so strong, it can level a mountain. This hammer was made by the dwarf brothers Sindri and Brokkr. It is said that the handle is extremely short because, of a mistake made in the creation process. All mistakes can be summed up to fate, in one form or another.

In Greek mythology, Zeus is the ruler of Olympia, where the Gods dwell. He is the king of the sky, rain and storms. He overthrows his father, Cronus, God of time, to become supreme. His holy artifact is a powerful weapon thunderbolt.

Zeus can control all storms, on Heaven and Earth, at his whim. He rises to his emotions easily. He can be noble and right, or unjust and cruel. He judges the deeds of men and Gods. He likes to reward the good and severely punish the immoral.

Immortal Storm
These immortal legends surround us, giving birth to powerful ideas and concepts. The comfort that comes with believing in yourself, the universe and your heart is incredible. I hope that you can find yourself in these pieces of the otherworld.

If we can channel ourselves through these stories, surely, we can find the source of the hurting and gather enough information, to heal. Always look to the future, with hope and do not look for guidance from the past, use love to discern and know that, the present is where the blessing is at.

Deanna Jaxine Stinson, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka Wishfire [b]