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For some reason Krampus, a Germanic folklore character is trending. Movies like Krampus and Krampus Unleashed are hitting our Redbox Kiosks. Before I go on, do not rent out Krampus Unleashed. This is a B rated movie with unknown actors. The script is poorly done. A horrible movie to watch. As for the movie Krampus. Well, this movie was so-so.

Cara Bermudez who is Italian, pointed me towards the Christmas Witch. My wife Deanna Jaxine Stinson that has some Italian blood running through her veins is intrigued with the La Befana story and has encouraged me to write an article about the subject.

According to Italian folklore, La Befana is an old woman that rides on a broom stick and is usually covered with soot. La Befana delivers presents to all of the good children throughout Italy on Epiphany Eve. This is the night of January 5. La Befana is a lot like St. Nicholas or Santa Claus.

It appears that La Befana has been around a long time and may be descended from the Roman Goddess Strina. La Befana on January 5 will visit all of the good children of Italy and fill their shoes with candy and presents. If the children are bad, they will get a lump of coal or dark nasty tasting candy in their shoes. Some bad kids in poorer areas of Italy or in Sicily will receive sticks in their shoes, instead of coal.

La Befana will sweep at each home, after she delivers her candy and presents (or coal and sticks if you are bad). The sweeping of the floor represents the sweeping away of evil, or the sweeping away a troublesome year and starting anew. Her sweeping symbolizes a type of smudging. Instead of leaving La Befana some milk and cookies, children will usually reward La Befana with a glass of wine and a plate of food.

La Befana will enter the home through the chimney and that is the reason she is covered in soot. She also wears a black shawl. Most children say that she smiles while she is delivering her gifts.

Checking with my Italian connections, I learned that Antonio D’Ambrosio encountered the Christmas Witch known as La Befana. Antonio was 9 years old. The year was 1991 in the town of Siena, Italy.

According to Antonio he was very bad and was afraid what La Befana might bring him. Some of the things that Antonio did that was bad was staying out late with his friends, not eating his dinner, using crayons to draw on the walls, talking back to his mother, picking on his sister.

On Epiphany Eve, Antonio says that he was very scared that La Befana would visit him and punish him for his bad behavior. Antonio hid underneath his covers. Then he heard what sounded like a crackling noise, he peeked from underneath his covers and saw an old lady materializing from out of the wall. She was all black and dark. Her face was distorted, wrinkled and scarred. Her laughter was high pitched and horrible.

La Befana picked up one of his shoes and shoved it in his mouth. Antonio was choking for the longest time. During this choking incident, Antonio’s bed shook violently. When Antonio started coughing, his mother ran into the room and that is when La Befana went through Antonio’s bedroom window and vanished into the night. After this experience, Antonio made it a point to be a good boy and never had this problem again. Antonio also told me that his mother played around with Tarot cards and I wonder if Antonio actually experienced a demonic entity that knew his thoughts and impersonated La Befana? Or did Antonio really meet La Befana.


August 1963. As a little boy from ages 6 to age 8, I was terrorized by unseen forces in a home on Effy Street, Fresno, California. When I grew older, I learned that children from the ages 1 to 8 are usually in tune to the other side and lose their psychic abilities after age 8. That is why we hear of children having imaginary friends. In this home, I was looking out the bedroom window into the orange grove and heard a woman’s voice calling my name. She said: “Dale, come here, Dale come here.” I couldn’t see where the voice was coming from, but I knew it was something out of the ordinary and it frightened me very much and I ran to my mother for protection. Many times as I laid in bed taking a nap, I would look at the ceiling and there was a ceiling lamp. Next to the ceiling lamp, the face of a little boy would appear out of the ceiling wall and look down at me. The entity would talk to me and have a regular conversation with me. Of course I talked back to the entity. The little boy seemed harmless and we would talk about my family, the neighbors, my toys, etc.

While at this home, things became much more darker. The night terrors would happen. I started seeing flying skulls enter my room. Skulls that had wings. They would fly all around me, terrorizing me. One night, I screamed so loud, my dad came in and his head was in the shape of one of the skulls.

On another night, the flying skulls scared me to death and I started screaming and coughing. My mother came in and gave me a teaspoon of cough syrup. The cough syrup turned out to be poison. My mother accidently gave me poison and she had me vomit up the poison immediately. To this day, I believe that the evil entity in this house caused my mother to accidently give me poison.

On another night, I heard the sound of what sounded like wheels rolling down the sidewalk. The wheels stopped underneath my bedroom window. My bedroom window slowly raised up half way on its own. Outside of my window was what looked like a black tea kettle with a snout and 4 wheels. The snout slowly moved towards my direction and sprayed a mist on me. I immediately started coughing and the very next day I had pneumonia.

Things got so bad, finally the entity snuck up behind me and pushed me into the heater, causing me to burn my leg. With all of the crying, screaming, my parents finally decided that we need to move out of this home. We moved and the hauntings stopped. My parents never witnessed anything paranormal in this home. All of the paranormal activity was centered on me.

Because of this paranormal experience, as I grew older, I started reading all kinds of books on the paranormal. I wanted to know what happened to me, when I was a young boy. Later on in life, I became a paranormal investigator and I conduct Roman Catholic house blessings and full submersion baptisms for people who live in haunted houses or feel they have a demonic attachment. The baptisms are a basic form of exorcism and if the person has an attachment, the baptism will expel the demon.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior


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