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A Paper Altar
Blank altar
My paper crystal
On where I cry
Wood & light
Rings beneath my eyes
Time & sight
My heart on pages
Of energy
Are you counting?

Words on the Altar
An altar is a table or a flat top area that is used for a religious ritual, offerings to a deity, or sacrifices. Many altars today are found as stages, at your work desk, where we eat, and throughout several areas in our houses. My altar is my spirits home. It is the energy that pours from us to find a place in the universe to be. That is where it lives. An altar is a center of energy directed towards creating happiness.

With an altar, you can work with the energy that you already have to create an abundant store of it to keep for another time. You can think of it like a flame burning away as the light feeds on oxygen. We are like lights and we also spiritually feed on oxygen because that is how we live and breathe. We can add spiritual joy by flavoring this oxygen with magic, love and wishes. We can create this energy to the Gods or spirits of life in many forms, in hopes that they can grant our desires from these intentions. We can create this energy to keep for ourselves as well.

Below, I am going to explain some different types of altars in society today and what they mean to us. I will also explain how to use them most efficiently. Keep in mind that certain ideas and symbols mean a unique thing to each of us. The colors also have varying services and purposes depending on how they make us feel individually. Set your altar up before the Gods of time, and research the appropriate fragrances and offerings for each. We may each also want to reserve a space for ourselves as well, as we are the masters of our own souls in this reality.

Dream Altar
Each time that we lay down to sleep, we are re programming our bodies and spiritual minds for the next day. It is a time to destress and focus on the essence of life and death. Our brain sends us messages to help us cope with the emotions that we hold down deep. It is a healing experience.

That’s why it is very important to set an altar near the bedside to protect and empower us, while we are unguarded and vulnerable. I recommend your bed be in the window of the room because, the light is a great space cleanser for the bed, which also holds the shape of an altar.

The best place for the altar is in the window above your bed. It invokes the elemental powers of the soul if you use crystals, dream pillows and other items that bring you comfort. Place gems underneath the pillow while you sleep. Charge them frequently under the sun and moonlight.

Light incense before bedtime but, remember to put it in a safe place and do not fall asleep until the smoke is out, as you can easily cause a house fire if you are reckless. Do the research on an index of herbs until you find the ones you are most comfortable with. For me, cinnamon, eucalyptus, lavender, lemon, mugwort, sage and willow work the best to bring stronger dreams.

Stage Altar
Traditionally, stages are made with four corners like a wooden box.Nowadays, stages are made in all sorts of ways and with many different materials. A stage is always a place where we honor the arts in all their forms; music, poetry, speeches and theatre. When there is music playing, or a performance happening, the intent of the energy is to create emotion and feeling to touch the lives of the audience.

The altar is said to be placed before the Gods. In Greek mythology, Apollo is the God of light, fire, knowledge and the arts. This is why perhaps, many songs are successful, that have to do with fire and light.These lyrics seem to hold sacred to the Gods, no matter what their names be in today’s society.

If you’re hoping for the help of the Gods with your arts, these important intentions are great to take into consideration. What generally works the most powerfully, are these techniques of the ancient world in our magick today. There is a great connection between us and our ancestors that must not be forgotten.

Table Altar
Our culture is one that eats meals at a table. We gather together as a spiritual family as we partake in the abundance of our ancestors. This is why traditionally; it is an important piece of history. We become bonded with those whom we share a meal with. We are like kindred spirits.

On Thanksgiving, you will see many festive decorations on a table.
Perhaps you will see apples, berries, leaves and yellow flowers. There are many different variations but, the theme is always the same. It is the theme of giving thanks for everything we are consuming, for it took many sacrifices to come our way so easily. This is the same with each and every day that we are alive to breathe. We must give honor to our health and those who have shown us this great love and acknowledgement.

On most holidays, the table is set up for large dinner parties and celebrations with family and friends. This is in a sense to invoke the spirit of the holiday, to grace us with more happiness and acceptance.

Most people make an effort to be especially kind and thoughtful, creating a personal enlightenment to help reduce stress and bring peace to each other. Set the intention in your mind of the purpose of your meals, before you decide on a design. Realize that every wood and material holds a unique power.

Perhaps we are most calm when we are outside to eat. Then, set a table outside, beneath the sun and moon, that will help you feel most grateful.

If you are indoors, you can lay beautiful candles in the center, so to light before and say a prayer. Each meal should be a reason to take the time out for us, to bond to our ancestors and ourselves.

Nature Altar
As a society, we have created neighborhoods and housing with walls and rooms set up much like an altar. We create a space that is designed for the purpose of our comfort. It is very important in awakening our souls, to make a place for ourselves, outside in the fresh air, with the universe to be happy.

It will be a great reason for you to find yourself outside each day to connect with nature. So, plan around this. It is a way to easily meditate without putting too much energy when you really are drained. It is great to prepare this area beforehand so, that it is there when you really need it.

A great idea would be to set up candles, incense, beautiful decorations and a chair, pillow, or yoga mat nearby. It doesn’t have to be extravagant. One day, you will find that you are sad and if you make the effort to dedicate to this altar for a short bit of time, you may find you will heal.

Water Altar
The water altar is meant to be used to cleanse and purify. Not only on a physical level but, spiritually as well. The water altar is meant to be used in a shower or tub. Try to set up bath salts, candles, flowers and incense that help the soul to feel better.

Just relax and take in the feel and the sounds of the energy vibrations coming through. Do not think of anything in the busy waking world and just allow the body and mind to become refreshed and comforted.

You can also add relaxing music to all your rituals which helps to rebuild the psyche as well. Try to use only instrumental sounds or songs with soft words, as this is a quiet time. Put the music at a level that allows your mind to rest and not focus completely on the tune.Make sure that you do not touch any electrical cords while you are wet as this is very dangerous.

Anywhere there is a space, we can create an altar for whatever is imaginable. We are magicians creating something from nothing and it brings great honor to the universe.

Thank you for bringing more beauty and harmony into the world, my friends.

I wish you all happiness on the journey of your souls.

We are connected now, forever, and on the altar of these words.

May time be kind with you.

Deanna Jaxine Stinson, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Rose Goddess
Halo Paranormal Investigations (HPI International)


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