November 8, 2016 2:05 pm

Le Gargoyle is a instrumental synth based band from Houston/Taylor, TX. intent on creating soundtrack music for film and video. The band is Jen, Mikey, Ray

Le Gargoyle was formed to celebrate the music of classic horror and science fiction soundtracks as well as 80’s new wave/synth pop. They rely on 80’s new wave synth sounds. The band is influenced by soundtrack artists like Goblin, Tangerine Dream, and John Carpenter. Sound Track Mind is their first release on Paper Weapons Records. They are also remixing instrumental versions of songs for the band Paris Falls.

Sound Track Mind

This album is an instrumental mix of 80’s style new wave/synth pop and classic horror soundtracks.

The Horror Movies Blog Review:

Rating:  (10/10)

The choice of tracks is pretty good and for a Halloween party background or for a horror film fan this is a great buy. The tracks are very well done and good quality.

For information or questions about the band please contact Jen w/ Paper Weapons Records at

To hear Gargoyle, visit their Soundcloud page by clicking here.

Check out their social updates, new music, and more at:

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