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Initial Briefing

Basement EVP




HPI Investigators Roll Call:
Paul Dale Roberts- Co-Owner; Deanna Jaxine Stinson – Co-Owner – Psychic; Xandean Smith – Documentarian; Christina Vonasek; Justin Mather.

Initial Briefing:
Date to be there: 9/24/2016 – Time to be there: 8pm. Address to be at: Roseville, CA – Activity: Several ghosts haunt this 1974 home, they are noisy. The occupants have seen a full body apparition of a man in the doorway, they have taken a picture that shows an older man.

Briefing at the Home:
Shannon – head of household, her son Jordan, Amanda, Shannon’s father, her 2 dogs Minnie and Muffin live in this haunted home in Roseville. The family tells us that they have heard tapping on the head board, a constant tapping. One of the entities would whisper Shannon’s name over and over again, freaking out Shannon. The family has heard scratching on the floor, it sounded like a dog scratching, but it was not their dogs. Sometimes the family would feel a block of air stopping them from proceeding down the hallway. Basement doors have opened on their own. A man was seen by the doorway. The toys in the house have been played with by an unseen entity, they feel is a child. Musical boxes will turn on by themselves. The family has experienced paranormal activity at this house and other family member’s homes. At their grandmother’s home, they were haunted by the Blue Indian. At this home, their are vintage furniture and antique items. Possibly there are attachments to the furniture and objects.

Justin Mather and Xandean Smith investigate the basement. Odd photos are taken in the basement. Justin conducts a quick and dirty EVP session. A quick and dirty EVP is when you say something quick like “Who are you?” You pause, giving the entity time to respond and then play it back. You may have captured an EVP. Justin captures a Class A EVP of a male voice saying “turn away!” During the investigation Christina walks down the hallway and gets hit with a block of air. This chills her to her bones and she calls me and Deanna. Deanna instantly feels the same thing as Christina and gets instant goosebumps on her arms. Deanna feels a presence at this old wooden chair that Shannon purchased from an estate sale. As Deanna approaches the chair, I capture a green mist on the chair and a small green mist to the right of the chair. I captured an EVP that is a deep, deep male voice that sounds froggy. Deanna and Christina thinks it says seriously. Shannon thinks it says mother something and Amanda hears something else.

THE TAPPER (Taps on headboard repeatedly); THE SCRATCHER (Entity makes scratching sounds on the floor); FROG MAN (Entity has a deep froggy voice and says words that are unintelligible); BASEMENT MAN (The entity that says “turn away” while investigators are in the basement; MUSIC BOX GIRL (The entity of a little girl that likes music boxes and toys); MAN AT DOOR (Entity seen of a man standing by the door); BLUE INDIAN (an Indian ghost that was seen at Shannon’s grandmother’s home, the Indian appears in the color blue, possibly a Maidu Indian?)

Shannon says that the entities are not threatening, but they are annoying and she wants them out.

Deanna left the occupant Shannon a paranormal care package that consisted of: 3 smudge wands made of mint, rosemary and juniper. Cinnamon sticks. 10 spiritual candles. Personal painting of Deanna’s hand (map for reading the palm of a hand). Organza bags for making dream pillows.

Deanna conducted a metaphysical cleansing of the house and I conducted a Roman Catholic blessing of the house, after the investigation.

Let’s hope that Shannon and her family can finally find peace. Shannon says after the blessing, the house felt calm and peaceful.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior



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