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Luck is described as a stroke of chance, good or bad, that predetermines your destiny. This can mean anything from something small such as a change encounter with a person, or something large, such as winning the lottery. All instances of luck are considered divine.

A person or object may be considered lucky or unlucky determined by the rarity of the situation that occurred. You can measure your luck every day, to determine what the Gods have blessed you with, which no one else may possess.

I believe that the Gods made everyone that exists to be lucky. It is often up to luck to secure ourselves into eternity and life. It is luck that makes us who we are inside of our spirits. It’s a lucky break and a defining moment that challenges us to grow spiritually.

There are many stories and superstitions that you may use to try and bring about good luck. If you are wise enough, you may combat the evil of misfortune. It oftentimes only takes an acknowledgment of presence, to please the spiritual realm.

The phantoms of luck exist behind the veil of reality. The mortality of human beings is a depressing state but, quite necessary in the advancement of the Earth itself. I am sure we are all made from stardust. It’s everywhere and we are lucky to be alive.

Wish on a star and if your heart skips a beat, it means it’s coming true.

Dream Symbols
So, maybe we are wondering about an event in the future? If you want to attract luck to you, try asking the Gods for messages in your dreams.

You can place a lucky stone such as an agate, beneath your pillow as you dream. Try to charge this in the full moonlight if possible for full effect. Have rosemary nearby so to help you remember what you envision.

The Gods can send you messages in the shape of energy in your brain. If you dream of these commonly associated symbols, you will find that you may have good or bad luck coming your way;

Broken mirror- a broken mirror signals bad luck and your subconscious may replay this image to you in order for it to make sense.

Five bats- in ancient Chinese mythology, this symbolizes happiness and good luck.

Forgetting something- dreaming that you are forgetting something means immediate bad luck.

Fruit- fruit in a dream that is juicy, plump, ripe and easy to grasp symbolizes good luck coming soon to you in the form of a pregnancy, wealth and more.

Gold & silver coins represent success (gold) and spiritual prosperity
(silver) coming soon to you.

Rainbows- to see a rainbow is always lucky, especially a double.

Sun- to see the sun in your dreams is a very good dream and symbolizes divine fortune coming your way.

Here are other names that we have called the living spirit luck by, throughout history;

Fortuna is the goddess of fortune and luck in Roman history. She appears as a beautiful woman dressed in long flowing, romantic robes. Her father is Jupiter, the king God of the skies.

Tyche is the Greek goddess of luck that is the daughter of Aphrodite
(love) and Zeus (king).

Seven Lucky Gods
The number seven is considered to be a very good number in western mythology. The energy that it creates is high and spiritual. It evokes a sense of love and light to anything it is placed upon. To see the numbers 777 is considered to be very lucky, and a sign that the universe is sending blessings your way.

The Seven Lucky Gods is from the Japanese culture. They are guaranteed to bring you good luck, especially when carved onto an amulet or other decoration. They are as follows:

Benzaiten- Goddess of talent, music and beauty. She is typically shown with a white snake.

Bishamonten- God of fortune in battle. He holds a spear in his right hand to protect against evil spirits.

Daikokuten- In male form, he is a demon hunter & God of prosperity. In female form, she is the goddess of the great darkness of the Heavens.

Ebisu- Prosperity, wealth and abundance in business.

Fukurokuju- God of wisdom and good health. He is able to resurrect the dead.

Hotei- God of popularity.

Jurôjin.- God of the elderly.

Kisshôten- Goddess of Good karma.

They are a mixture of historical figures and divine beings.

Lucky symbols
Symbols that are thought to invoke luck are as follows; acorns, clovers, hearts, keys, skull & stars.

You can help to attract luck by having these representations in your home. Special places are reserved for these, such as; above doorways, in the back of a barn, in your sock, on your heart, and in a wooden box.

There are many different ways in which you can summon to the spirit of luck. These superstitions include such objects; amulets, candles and herbs.

The herbs that I would recommend burning for luck are as follows; allspice, cinnamon, daisies, maple, nutmeg, mint, peony & poppy seeds.

Stones for good luck that I use are; moss agate, amethyst, citrine, diamond & smoky quartz.

Of course, any stone that you find, or is given to you by a special person, or your birthday stone may also become lucky.

Candle colors
The traditional colors that we use for candles to attract luck is green.

My favorite color is green and so, it reminds me of nature. It can also be compared to that of the color of American money, and emeralds.

You may find that a certain color has traditionally brought you luck, be sure to incorporate that color into your rituals as well.

A ritual is a symbolic representation and visualization technique meant to direct our intentions into energy to be molded by the universe. It can be done with many different variations, so long as you have a basic knowledge of protection, ritual opening and closing.

The Hamingja
In ancient Norse mythology there is a tale of luck being as its own being that lives by your birthright, your success and your happiness in life.

This is the Haminja, or luck essence of a person.

In another life, your luck may be incarnated with you whether it be good or bad.

It may be carried on through your descendants as well.
Luck is an important manner to be dealt with and not ignored.

Legends of Luck
Legends of luck create us, make us and take us into divine realms. The world becomes supernatural when you are suddenly gifted by the Gods and seemingly personally dealt with by the fates themselves. It means that someone out there is measuring you by your deeds, expectations, and beliefs. It means that we are blessed, all of us.

Deanna Jaxine Stinson, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Rose Goddess
Halo Paranormal Investigations (HPI International)


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