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Date to be there: September 10, 2016 Saturday \ Time to be there: 1900 Hours. Occupant: Michael Antonelli – Occupant says that his grandmother is haunting his home and leaves tell tale signs, he feels she is protecting him from a demon. The demon is causing negative issues at his home. He wants an investigation and requested a metaphysical cleansing from Deanna Jaxine Stinson. Address: Pleasanton, CA

Tonight’s Theme Song:
Sia- Cheap Thrills/ Sean Paul – we heard this song many times going to Pleasanton.

Michael Antonelli the occupant says that the entity threw soup at him last night, as if the entity was upset that we were arriving. East Bay Paranormal investigated this home and according to Michael, they want to brief HPI about their investigation. The entity has actually yelled at the occupant and told Michael to shut up and be quiet! The entity is focusing on Michael’s Chihuahuas named Charlie and Carlos. The dogs get very nervous and excited at times and seem to be aware of a negative entity in the house. Michael says that he feels his deceased grandmother is in the house and she is protecting him from the negative entity that is possibly a demon.

Deanna felt chills at the piano, but the chills were good chills, she felt positive energy at the piano. Possibly the grandmother was attached to the piano. Deanna also felt a portal in the home in which the grandmother came through and following her was the demon.

HPI Pleasanton Task Force (Roll Call):
Paranormal Investigators: Paul Dale Roberts – Co Owner; Deanna Jaxine Stinson – Co-Owner and Sensitive; Michael Antonelli – Occupant: Bonnie Muir-Waldron – Tech Support; Christina Vonasek; Justin Mather; Xandean Smith – Documentarian.

Michael says that the negative entity does not haunt his backyard. Deanna says the backyard has lavender which is known for peace and protection; lemon for purification; oranges for love, jasmin for love and that is why the negative entity does not go into the backyard.

We conducted 2 – 1 hour investigations. The temperature gauge had some radical readings, in which the temperature went up considerably. When talking with Michael on the phone, Deanna and I heard strange sounds, like someone was spitting during the time Michael was talking. In one of Bonnie’s EVP sessions, we heard the same spitting sound. Another EVP we heard were scratching sounds.

Sidenote: Michael tells us that his 3 time great grandfather in Italy was once bitten by an unknown creature. After being bitten this relative turned pale white and his body was cold. He would not sleep at night and would wander around the street and the next morning he would look normal again. The family suspected he was a vampire.

Michael says that once he was attacked in his bed, a woman was sitting on his chest that looked like Peggy Bundy from the TV show and he experienced sleep paralysis. Could Michael have experienced the Old Hag Syndrome?

Michael says he has a lot of nightmares, since the negative entity has been haunting his home. I felt a lot of negative energy in this home and when I did a group shot of the investigators a big face appeared in my view finder, a face of a man with black hair and mustache and Michael says that this face could have been of his deceased father. On the 2nd round of the investigation, Deanna conducted a séance and at times the EMF Reader would go crazy during Michael’s provoking of the entity. The investigators at times would feel cold chills and pain in various locations of their bodies.

Deanna smudged the home and recited some protection prayers. Deanna also smudged all of the investigators, including the occupant. Special Note: In some of the demon cases I have been on, the occupants would have an extremely cluttered home, this home was no exception, it was also cluttered. There seems to be a connection to demonic activity and with hoarding.

With the strange EVP recordings and other odd experiences we had at this home, I do believe either the entity is attached to Michael or perhaps attached to this home.

Below are the videos from this investigation:

Initial Briefing

Deanna Provokes Entity by Playing Piano

2nd Briefing

Deanna brings blessed items, she explains

Deanna Prepares Seance

The Séance – the occupant provokes entity, thinks entity is a racist

Xandean speaks French to Entity

Deanna Prepares Cleansing

Deanna Smudges Investigators

Pleasanton Slide Show

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior
Halo Paranormal Investigations (HPI International)


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