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Disclaimer: Both stories are not verified, but I wish to relate the stories at this forum, because both stories are unique and quite intriguing. The stories are from HPI’s paranormal hotline. The first story is called “Flashlight Lost Love”.

Flashlight Lost Love
June 6, 2016: Dwayne Johansen of Monterey was driving down Highway #1 in Big Sur when Dwayne’s younger son spied a bouncing light behind the car. The light got closer and closer to the back of their car and the son alerted his father who was driving and his mother in the passenger seat. Dwayne thinking it was a motorcycle sped up a bit, to get away from the bouncing light, but the light just seemed to get closer and closer to his back bumper. His wife was yelling at Dwayne to slow down, as the curves were very dangerous. The time was about 10:30pm at night and the bouncing light seemed to get brighter. Finally Dwayne had enough and slowed down his car. The light went out and Dwayne and his family heard a terrible scream. A scream that came from a woman. The experience was traumatic for the family and it was hard for them to get it out of their mind.

Dwayne has some friends in Big Sur and he related this strange encounter to his friends. One of his friends who does not want to be identified, related this following story:

July 7, 1954: A couple named Lorna and Tom were visiting Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park. They were enjoying the park all day. They had a nice picnic on the beach and later when the sun went down, Lorna told Tom that she wanted to jog up and down the beach. Tom couldn’t run with her, because he had recently sprang his ankle. Tom gave Lorna a flashlight and told her to keep it on, so he can keep an eye on her. Tom had his flashlight ready, so he could signal Lorna as she ran. Lorna started running with her flashlight and the light from the flashlight would bounce up and down and Tom would keep his flashlight light trained on Lorna as she ran. When Lorna came close to Tom in her run, she would raise her flashlight high in the air and Tom would do the same thing. Lorna did her first lap and told Tom she would do one more lap, this would give her about 2 1/2 miles of jogging. Lorna takes off on her 2nd lap and Tom again keeps his flashlight trained on Lorna. Lorna is at a good distance, but Tom was able to see Lorna’s bouncing light. Then all of a sudden the light went out. There was nothing but pitch darkness in the area where Lorna was. Tom couldn’t understand what was going on, because the flashlights had new batteries. Tom went to investigate and Lorna was nowhere in sight. Tom continued to investigate and still no Lorna. Tom spends the whole night on the beach looking for Lorna and still no Lorna. When the sun rises, Tom went straight to the police. The police conducted a search and Lorna was never heard of again. The police suspected Tom of murder, but it was never proven. No one ever discovered what actually happened to Lorna on this Summer day in 1954. Tom claimed that he had reoccurring nightmares of Lorna being abducted by a shadowy looking man that was hiding behind a rock. Tom could hear Lorna in his nightmare yelling: “The Man, the Man, he is going to get me! Help!!” The nightmares became worse and Tom would wake up in a cold sweat. Four years after this incident, Tom had a massive heart attack and died. People who stay on the beach during the evening hours have claimed that they have seen a bouncing light going up and down the beach and at times the same light can be seen going along Highway #1. Could that bouncing light be Lorna?

The Taco Bell UFO
Paranormal Hotline Call. Time Call Came In: 2:06pm / Date the call came in: 7/17/2017. Caller only wants to be identified by his last name. His last name is Reyes. Mr. Reyes claims that on 6/14/2017 at around 9pm, they were headed out of town. They spied a Taco Bell in and around the town of Bystrom. The Reyes family wanted a quick bite, before heading to Los Angeles. As the Reyes family walks into the Taco Bell, they thought it was unusual that the cashiers eyes seemed dark and elongated. The words on the display menu became blurry. The windows became solid white. Everything in the room became white. Mr. Reyes remembers seeing his wife and 2 daughters laying on a white solid table and the cashiers that now look like aliens standing over his family members. Mr. Reyes remembers extreme pain in the nasal cavity area and screamed for help. A taller alien creature touched his forehead and he mentally received the message that everything will be alright. Mr. Reyes and his family found themselves back in their vehicle and they were parked on the side of the freeway, highway 99. Mr. Reyes may see a hypnotist to find out what the complete experience was all about. After this incident, Mr. Reyes said he had a small seizure and he never had a seizure before. Mr. Reyes wife and children do not recall the event and Mr. Reyes does not bring up the story to his wife and children. I asked Mr. Reyes if there was any missing time. Mr. Reyes said about an hour and half went by after entering Taco Bell. Special Note: With continuing this conversation, I learned that Mr. Reyes and his family have been abducted before. Mr. Reyes says that he was abducted as a child and his mother and father have been abducted.

My Thoughts: I get a lot of paranormal hotline calls. About 40% are prank calls. Is this story true? Who knows, but I thought the story was unique and very odd, so I am sharing the story. If any UFO abductee had a similar experience, I would like to know about it.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior


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