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The River Will Guide You Home

Waters flow in structured lines
Boats rushing through pools of time
Into caves of twilight breathe
Carved out by hands of destiny
Rushing over my memories
Blood through veins
Palm tree keys
Deliver me to
This epiphany

The Rivers of the Underworld
In Greek Mythology, there is told that five rivers exist which go into the underworld. These rivers are as follows; Acheron, Cocytus, Lethe, Phlegethon, and Styx. These rivers are a part of Hades; who also is King there. The rivers guide us to where we are meant to be in the afterlife. Just like in life, we are born from a watery womb, guided by the blood flowing through our veins into birth.

The following list will help you to better understand.

Acheron– This River is also understood as a watery body of woe, misfortune and sorrow. It separates the upper and lower realms. Acheron is where one could meet Hermes, a messenger of the Gods, upon passing, to be guided onto the ferry to cross over.
– The River of waiting, wailing, sound making and heartbreaking distress. This one is cold and punishing. The agony one bears through here is unbearable and undesirable. This energy flows from Acheron.
– The River of forgetfulness, time, memory and absolution. Forgiveness; like tears washing away the past, flow through you. The breaking point has been overcome and you are starting to draw the water’s energy for future use.
– The River of fire, change, truth, light and metamorphous. Here, the water flows into Tartarus, a place of torment for the wicked. This place is hot, transformational, fiery and unrelenting.
-The River of unbreakable promises. This one is named after a deity who has miraculous power to make one invincible. Here also is known to converge into a marsh; also named like this. It is believed that Styx, circles the underworld nine times.

Rivers in Dreams
Take note of the structure of the water in your dream. Is it clear, fresh and making beautiful sound or is there a stormy darkness to it?
Use these energy clues to help yourself to interpret these situations.
Rivers can be metaphors for the blood in our veins; our lives, our energy and our force.

Water is symbolic of mana, emotion and spiritual gifts.
Here is an e-mail I received that I would like to share for anyone who needs it;

“Hey Deanna,
my name is Natin Peter Nethinim,
I listened 2 your “how to divine dream” youtube clips today.

I had a lucid dream a little over a year ago, which lasted for 4-8 or 20hours, I had a few days earlier encountered what we can call a “dream guide” or “spirit guide”, I’d rather not go into details regarding what this particular “spirit” is or how she behaves,
since it might only scare you.

Anyway, I was conscious during the entire dream while conversating with this “guide” which I had done for a few days or a week in seclusion & darkness before having the actual lucid dream.

The dream starts with me and a teenage-girl sitting on a wooden raft, on a pitch black river, and its totally dark, I’m sitting behind her, and I am asking her questions, during the dream I have the impression that she is sad & also behaving kind of childishly, “out of character”, the girl in the dream is a famous person whom has passed away, she does not know me, and I don’t show her my face.

We get off the wooden raft at a bank, and we walk into what seems to be a jungle, its rocky, the terrain is up & down, left & right, it’s totally dark and the térrain is jagged.

I’m walking with her through this terrain, she is afraid, and a little confused, while we pass through this terrain, there are monsters which I am pretty much fighting off while we are walking and she doesn’t notice this.

We get to a small clearing, and she is supposed to leave, there is a light a short distance from where we are standing.
While having the dream and being conscious I’m conversating and describing the dream to my “guide”, she is asking me questions, and I’m describing in detail what is happening in the dream.

Now, the girl in the dream, from the wooden raft, is supposed to leave, and I am quite sure that I don’t show her my face, because I was wearing a face cover, in the dream, almost like a predator-helmet from the movies. And I do think that my “guide” instructed me to not show my face.

As far as me understanding this dream, what I was supposed to do, as ridiculous as it may sound, was to fight off the things keeping her “here”. I am having doubts if this was accomplished.
Now the girl from the raft in my dreams almost every single night.

As far as my “guide” from this period goes, I can tell you my thoughts about her if you would so like, and how I perceived “her/it”, but I don’t feel it to be a necessity at this time.

Take care Deanna.

Best regards/

Other Happenings;
Goddess169 is my Pokémon Go character. 169 is the number of moons orbiting planets in our solar system.

Today I was officially accepted into the Unicult.

Here is one of the things that I received in my welcome package; High Priestess Tarot Card & meaning; knowledge, understanding, unity with the unknown, awareness and serenity.

A person with psychic powers, divine wisdom, intuition, dreams and occult secrets.

Deanna Jaxine Stinson, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Rose Goddess
Halo Paranormal Investigations (HPI International)

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