May 24, 2016 6:10 pm

The Sisterhood of Blood is a custom designed deck of poker sized playing cards, printed by The Expert Playing Card Company (EPCC).

The theme of this deck is based on London vampires from the Victorian era. As with my previous project, The Coven, this deck also features an all female cast of court cards. Each of them have a different story to tell, but together they become The Sisterhood of Blood.

Kirk works as a graphic designer based in the UK and he’s a small time collector of playing cards. Last year, The Coven was successfully funded on Kickstarter thanks to 793 amazing backers! Kirk says that it was an incredible process to see the cards come to life and to add them to his own collection.

Features of the deck include:

  • 12 custom all female court cards
    All of the vampires are named and all have backstories
  • 4 custom designed Aces
  • 2 facing Jokers with the Raven created out of blood
  • 1 double backer
  • Custom Tuck-box with printing on the inside
  • Custom seal (to be voted for by the backers)
  • Printed by EPCC on their classic finish stock (same as The Coven)

Each of the vampires have names and backstories that help to bring these beautiful monsters alive. Along side this, each of the groups follow a theme, the Jacks have just fed, the Queens revel in their malice and the Kings immortality is coming to a close.

The Aces are all larger and custom designed.

The tweaked pips follow a standard position but are slightly smaller and the layout is condensed compared to a standard deck of cards.

Even though this is a custom deck I have tried to maintain all the standard features of a normal deck of cards, as I want this deck to be usable and easy to read. These features also include the hidden ones such as the one eyed Jacks and the suicide King.

The Jokers

As this is a 52Ravens deck it will have the Raven Jokers, but this time created from blood.

The Tuck-Box

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