May 13, 2016 1:20 pm

Ian Stone has died. Repeatedly.

He just doesn’t know why.

Almost every day Ian wakes up in a different life: a college hockey player, a businessman, a hospital patient. But one things remain the same: Jenny, a woman who always plays a part in Ian’s lives.

On his way to work one morning Ian meets a strange man who calls himself Gray. Ian receives cryptic messages from Gray, including that he “must remember” and protect Jenny at all costs. Suddenly the man is dragged away by unseen hands.

Through the course of the movie Ian must contend with a number of threats from horrible, smoke-like phantoms called Harvesters. Then he learns that Gray is one of them.

Can Ian protect Jenny – and stop the Harvesters from killing him yet again?

On a scale of 1 to 10 tombstones (1 = terrible, 10 = excellent): 7.

7 Tombstones

I liked this movie; it’s presents a unique concept. The acting was good and here are some pretty cool special effects, especially the uber-eerie Harvesters. There’s a scene with one of them in the office where Ian works that I won’t soon forget.

You may Mike Vogel from movies such as Cloverfield or Open Graves, appearing as Deputy Zack Shelby on the TV show Bates Motel or most recently his role in the Syfy mini-series Childhood’s End.

The Deaths of Ian Stone (2007; click on the movie title for IMDb information)

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