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4/9/2016: Today me and my wife Deanna Jaxine Stinson explored Stinson Beach and Muir Woods National Monument. I have already talked about Haunted Stinson Beach.

If you enjoy collecting seashells, you will find some nice sand dollars along the beach. We collected a few seashells for Deanna’s smudging wands that she creates.

Now to Muir Woods, some of the history will tell you that by the early 20th century, most of these forests had been cut down. Just north of the San Francisco Bay, one valley named Redwood Canyon remained uncut, mainly due to its relative inaccessibility.

According to Wikipedia, this was noticed by U.S. Congressman William Kent. He and his wife, Elizabeth Thacher Kent, purchased 611 acres of land from the Tamalpais Land and Water Company for $45,000 with the goal of protecting the redwoods and the mountain above them.

In 1907, a water company in nearby Sausalito planned to dam Redwood Creek, thereby flooding the valley. When Kent objected to the plan, the water company threatened to use eminent domain and took him to court to attempt to force the project to move ahead. Kent sidestepped the water company’s plot by donating 295 acres of the redwood forest to the federal government, thus bypassing the local courts.

On January 9, 1908, President Theodore Roosevelt declared the land a National Monument, the first to be created from land donated by a private individual. The original suggested name of the monument was the Kent Monument but Kent insisted the monument be named after naturalist John Muir, whose environmental campaigns helped to establish the National Park system. President Roosevelt agreed.”

Muir Woods is an excellent place to hike and you can explore Muir Beach, Pirates Cove, etc.

If you are a paranormal investigator, then this is the place to be. Here are some of the creepy things that you may find on your hunt.


Most people do not realize that Muir Woods is very haunted. Some people have heard drumming late at night and believe that they are hearing the ghostly drumming of the Coastal Miwok tribes that used to inhabit these woods.


Katie Smith, wife to a logger that settled in Muir Woods. Katie’s logger husband tried to establish a logging company in Muir Woods. The loggers felt Muir Woods was inaccessible. Katie despised her husband for trying to establish this logging company. Out of money and hungry, Katie waited for a full moon and conducted a ritual and killed her husband with a logging peavey hook. It is said that during a full moon, you will see Katie carrying her logging peavey hook. She is looking for her next victim.


According to legend, there is a ghost of a Miwok maiden that learned magic from her shaman uncle. She cursed another Indian tribe and with her dark magic, the other Indian tribe fell ill and many members of that tribe fell ill and died. When hearing of this news, this evil witch laughed hysterically.


According to legend, a Miwok princess fell in love with a Ohlone Prince from Mount Diablo. At the time the Miwoks were at war with the Ohlone tribe and the Chiefs frowned upon the relationship of the Miwok Princess and the Ohlone Prince. Conspiracy among the tribes set in motion for the poisoning of the princess and prince. The princess and prince had a secret rendezvoux and as they ate their prepared meal, the meal was poisoned. They died in each other’s arms, they looked like they were sleeping. The princess was buried at Mount Tamalpais and the prince was buried at Mount Diablo. Sometimes the spirits of the princess and the prince are seen in Muir Woods wandering around looking for each other. The prince has also been sighted at Mount Diablo.


Frenchman Hippolyte de Bouchard was a very well known pirate in California and a place that he frequented was Pirate’s Cove at Muir Woods. According to legend, he has some treasure buried somewhere at Pirate’s Cove and that is why that some people have seen the specter of this pirate as he looks down to the ground, looking for his buried booty. Hippolyte was also known to have raided the Presidio of Monterey in November 20, 1818 and did some raids in Hawaii. Darrell Causman of Half Moon Bay says that one time he was hiking near and around Pirate’s Cove and came across a skinny man with torn clothes, scraggly beard and to his surprise was carrying a sword. Around his neck was a hangman’s noose. He had a maniacal look upon his face and he sort of did a jig and then vanished. Darrell said he spoke to one of the residents in the area, because he was so startled at what he saw and the resident said that was Hippolyte’s first mate and this resident calls him the Dancing Hempen Jig Pirate. Darrell says that he was terrified at what he saw and will never hike in that area during the time of dusk. Also, he states he will always hike with another person, just for security reasons.


Muir Woods is just plain creepy. When you see how the fog just hangs from the nearby hills and mountains giving the place an eerie feel to it, coming across a slithery banana slug and accidently touching one of these creatures and feeling like you just got slimed. Muir Woods is also the former stalking grounds for David Carpenter – Trailside Killer. David Joseph Carpenter (born May 6, 1930), aka the Trailside Killer, is an American serial killer known for stalking and murdering women on hiking trails near San Francisco, California. Muir Woods was one of his many areas that he frequented.


Special Note: AIMS stands for: Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings – One of the Bigfoot creatures has a nickname, they call him the MUIR WOODS THUNDER FOOT – because he is known to stomp around in the woods and his stomping is loud.


On December 2, 2014 around 1:34AM, a strange ship was seen crash landing in the Muir Woods in the San Francisco Bay Area. When civilians began to investigate the figure falling from the sky, they realized they were dealing with something “not of this world”.

Without jumping to conclusions and by taking all precautions, the unidentified object was investigated from a distance by curious civilians.

“It was huge! It was a giant triangle shape with a completely smooth surface. At first we thought, ‘Maybe it’s a piece from an airplane or a spaceship,’ but as we got closer, we realized that this definitely wasn’t human.” Said one eyewitness who chose not to be identified.

Mike Swanson of Redding, CA was hiking at Muir Woods in July 2015, with his girlfriend Tyla. They were both startled when they came upon what they first thought was a bear. When they both got a better look, they saw a 10 foot humanoid with gray skin, large belly, yellowish pants, pointed ears, large nose and a large chain around his neck. Mike says that it reminded him of a hobgoblin that he remembers from the game ‘Magic’. Paul’s Note: I wonder if this is a stranded extraterrestrial that now lives in Muir Woods? A stranded cryptid from the crashed UFO?


Case Number: 91*6912552*2 – Client lives in an apartment. He has lived in this apartment for 7 months. Recently strange things have been happening, the light switch flips on by itself and things have been tossed around his apartment. He does not know the history of this apartment.

Brad Steiger’s current book Real Visitors, Voices from Beyond, and Parallel Dimensions is his 182nd, and the 45th collaboration with his wife Sherry Hansen Steiger.

In 1956, Steiger began publishing short stories and articles of mystery and the paranormal in a wide variety of magazines, including Alfred Hitchcock’s, The Saint, Fantastic and Fate. From 1970-’73, his weekly newspaper column, The Strange World of Brad Steiger, was carried domestically in over 80 newspapers and overseas from
Bombay to Tokyo.

Steiger’s first published book-length work was the two volume Monsters, Maidens, and Mayhem: A Pictorial History of Hollywood Film Monsters (1965). The January 2016 issue of UK’s Darkside magazine declares these volumes to be “the first serious books on horror cinema” and names Steiger “Horror’s First Historian.”

While Steiger is known primarily for books on the phenomenal, the paranormal, and the spiritual [Real Ghosts, Restless Spirits, and Haunted Places; Revelation–The Divine Fire; Mysteries of Time and Space,] he has also written a number of biographies [Judy Garland,
Olympic athlete Jim Thorpe, and Greta Garbo. In 1977, Steiger’s bestselling biography of the silent screen lover Valentino was made into a motion picture by British director Ken Russell, starring Rudolf Nureyev.

In 1978, Steiger co-scripted the documentary film Unknown Powers [with Jack Palance as narrator], winner of the Film Advisory Board’s Award of Excellence for 1978. Other awards include: 1974: San Francisco, the Genie, for Metaphysical Writer of the Year. 1977: Philadelphia, the Dani, for Services to Humanity. 1987: Inducted into the Hypnosis Hall of Fame. 1996: Lifetime Achievement Award
at the National UFO and Unexplained Phenomena Conference.

Steiger has been interviewed and featured in articles in The New York Times, Los Angeles Herald Examiner, San Francisco Chronicle, Chicago Tribune, Milwaukee Sentinel, Baltimore News American, Las Vegas Sun, Minneapolis Tribune, Buffalo Evening News, and many others.

Steiger’s television appearances include Nightline with Ted Koppel, ABC Evening News with Peter Jennings, NBC Evening News with Tom Brokaw, This Week [with David Brinkley, Sam Donaldson, and Cokie Roberts], Giants: The Myth and the Mystery [The Learning Channel]. Fangs vs. Fiction [A&E]. He has appeared with Sherry on The Joan
Rivers Show, Haunted Hollywood [for HBO], Inside Edition, The Unexplained [A&E] and 22 episodes of the television series Could It Be a Miracle?

Since 1963, Steiger has been a regular guest on many radio programs in numerous cities throughout the United States, including those of Art Bell, George Knapp, and George Noory Coast to Coast, Erskine Overnight, The Allan Handelman Show, Dave Schrader Darkness Radio, Jim Harold’s Reviews, and many, many others

Sergeant the Bird – Deanna captures him on camera. This bird dug a hole in the ground and would survey the beach from his hole. He observed the other seagulls eating crabs from the beach. He had a buddy bird in another hole next to him. He was shaking from the cold. He watched the other birds with military precision. Note the blue tag on his leg.


Good morning Paul…

My story seems to begin back when I was a teen. I lived in a big 4 bedroom house, basically by myself. My mother passed away in 1977 when I was 11. She had a massive CVA in our home, and she was basically brain dead when they wheeled her out. My father moved out when I Was 13 to live with his new girlfriend. My sisters came and went. I would often hear the pedal to our piano ‘pop’ as if being pushed down. I think that last experience was when I was laying in bed, my closet doors were open, I saw a white mist hovering in the air. I froze solid, then I felt this loving ease come over me, I then said “I Know it you mom, I love you and good night”. the best nights sleep ever!

Moving forward to when I was 21, my husband and I moved into a mobile home on private property in Fontana. We had a black Cocker Spaniel. ‘ZEUS’ would bark at this macromae owl we had in the back bedroom. But his barking was a combination of growling, salivating, and backing up while barking, as if he wanted to attack. It gave me the creeps. the person who lived in the home before us said the front door would fly open for no reason. After my husband moved out, it started to get weird. I would hear someone call my name yet nobody was there. Things would fly off the counters, food always came up missing. I would let my 4 year old son sleep with me because I was scared. lol we moved out in 1996.

In 1996, we moved to San Bernardino in with the soon to be father of my baby. His house was fine except for the kitchen. Again food would come up missing from the pantry only. Going into the pantry was creepy, like someone was watching me at all times. I stayed there until 2001.

In 2002, I moved into a crappy neighborhood into an apartment. Within the first month or so, I was laying in bed. I heard a woman crying one night, it was loud so I thought it was my neighbor, I brushed it off. The next night, I heard it again, but this time it was right next to me in bed and crying in my ear. I was petrified! I laid there and prayed for the woman to find peace and happiness. I never heard it again.

In 2005, my new husband and I rented a condo in San Bernardino. It was very nice. We had a walk in closet. When I left for work, I would turn off the closet light. One morning I forgot something and went back into my room, closet light on. It creeped me out. from that day on I kept the closet door closed. When I was in the living room, I would always hear noises coming from my bed room and when I was in my bed room, I would hear noises from the living room.

In 2009 we bought a house. An odd house built in 1940, this is where I am located now, still in San Bernardino. The selling point of this house was the beautiful wood A Frame ceiling, the fireplace and the nice front porch. The house is shaped oddly, it appears they added on through out the years. I have half an acre, a couple of fruit trees and a basket ball court. I can see most of down town from my front porch, a beautiful view. I live in the ‘fire zone’ neighborhood, where the fires burned down many homes in 2003. This is where my store continues…. My very first experience in this home was when we just got the keys, we were fixing the home up before we moved in. I was in the bath room in the outside laundry room, home alone around 9 pm. I was changing out the hard ware inside the toilet. I heard this loud bang come from right outside, possibly from the storage room around the corner. It scared me, I stopped what I was doing and went inside and sat on the fireplace until my husband returned. Our plumbing also went south in that time, causing great water damage to the home inside, and 10,500.00 in repairs to the clay pipes outside of the home, I have many large trees out front. All was quiet for many years, or I just didnt notice as we had a houseful of kids. Kids moved on and my husband and I divorced, he moved out on Thanksgiving 2011.

In 2012, I met a man and we started dating. I would stay the night at Will’s home. Things were creepy there. Were would hear the office chair in the living room but nobody was sitting in it, I was standing in the doorway connecting the kitchen and livingroom and a large white dog ran right passed me then disappeared in thin air, we would hear voices. So we decided for my boyfriend to move in with me. We always slept with the fan on, we could feel the air stop or pause briefly as if someone walked past it, and I could feel and see the corner of my bed go down, as if someone sat on the edge. In May of 2013 we moved out.

The house got active now…. I decided to move my bed room around, I needed a change. The very first night of the change, I still didnt have it completely together, something happened that scared me, I can not remember what it was. But the activity continued. One night, I was laying in bed, someone was laying behind me, cuddling me like my friend would, I could feel ‘his’ breathing in my ear, just like my friend. As I reached behind me to feel for the body, the feeling was gone. This was sometime in February 2014. I would feel and see someone sit on the corner of my bed…I would look, say good night and turn over. My friend and I were very close. I knew him for over 15 years. He was a scardy cat to what I told him what was happening in the home. He suddenly died of cardiac arrest at the age of 29 in his home on May 5th, 2014. Im still not over it but trying to move on.

One night, after his passing, I was laying in bed, mostly awake but trying to sleep. I was picked up, carried to the other side of the room, gently placed against a night stand on the floor. I was scared. I could feel his body against mine. I asked “who are you”? and he said very clearly “If I tell you I have to take you”, I then responded with “you cant, I have grand daughters to be here for”. It was quiet. I sat there for a few more moments then I said “please hold me”. Then I felt him hold me tight for about 5 seconds or so then he let go. A few seconds passed then I got up and got into bed. I thought it may have been a dream, but I was wide awake. I decided to change my bed room back to the way it was shortly after. All was pretty quiet for a few months then it came back 10 fold.

I got a new room mate in May of 2014. He has experienced many things through out his life, and many things here in my home. He occupies a spare room I have, he is very quiet. One night, I was in my room, I saw a reflection of a tall white man in my kitchen window, I could not see the whole face, only part of a side profile. The man was tall, white, dark hair wearing a black short sleeved T-shirt. I walked into the kitchen to talk to him, then it was gone. On July 4th, I was in Lucerne Valley, I had a tarot card reading. The woman didn’t know me at all. The first thing she said to me was “there is a young man who can no longer be in your life (Michael, my companion that passed away). She was spot on on everything she told me. At home, my room mate was here, sitting at the dining room table at the same time I was having my reading. He said he was eating his taco’s, he saw a reflection of a man wearing jeans and barefoot walk past the stove and dishwasher, then he passed out at the table for a couple of hours, like he had no energy. I found this all out the next day. Since that day, so much has happened. My room mate got a couple of pictures of shadows in his bedroom mirror of a man, he feels like he is being stared at, my cupboard that holds my pot lids empties out but only when he is home alone.

This one night in particular, I came home really drunk. When I woke up the next morning, I saw ‘remnants” of sexual activity on my black sheets, and I just washed them the night before. I asked my son if anyone was here, he said no. I was truly puzzled. My ‘area’ burned. I got up and laid on the couch to watch American Horror Story with my son. I saw a tall shadow walk past the front door, I felt a hand push down hard on my stomach. I then came to my room and my son left. Shortly after, I heard a loud commotion in the living room like there was a physical fight going on. It lasted about 5 seconds. By the time I could get up and look, it had stopped and nothing was out of place. I was still puzzled about the white substance that was on my sheets and face that morning. It was dried on my face by my mouth. It was sweet tasting, and tasted like semen. I asked my room mate if he was in my room, he said no. We still joke about it to this day. I ended up contacting a friend of mine and he, his daughter and I had a seance in my room. Turns out, there is an old, lost, angry and sad soul in my home. Someone sexually molested me, and I do not know who it was. The second time it happened, a few months later, I was feeling uneasy so I had my son stay in my room. I was woke up by my body being moved up and down, I was laying on my right side, like someone was having their way with me from behind. I looked behind me, I saw nothing, my son was sound asleep. I said sternly “you have a lot of nerve F****** me with my son in my room”… Again… I had that burning feeling. Some time after that, I was in the shower, I felt a burning feeling on both sides of my hips. It bothered me so I had my son take a picture of my backside. I had two scratches on each side that were bleeding a little. I was scared. It burned until I got to my destination 30 miles away.

I then contacted a paranormal team where they came with an echovox. From that session, we learned that there were bad spirits here. My companion was here and spoke to us. He supposedly got rid of the bad. It was said that a man named Scott and Pete are the ones that took advantage of me that first night. Many people have experienced their butt being touched here. The night during the session, I was bending over talking into the echovox, I felt my butt being touched. I asked “who just touched my butt”? and A few people said “Pete did it”. I had another session with a full on team here with cameras and echovox. Apparently there is a Ouija board buried under my basketball court, a Wiccan said she closed it. During that session, we heard voices, a woman was punched and a few times glowing red eyes were captured on camera. Unfortunately I no longer have those pictures. The activity seemed to slow down, but only for a short time. I have ‘hotspots’ in my home… in my shower (a portal), in my kitchen and somewhere in the other bathroom. They said they closed the portals but my shower is still active. The hallway always gave me the creeps, like someone was watching me cook.

I still experience many things… the shadows continue, I hear men talking to me (right next to me), things moving or falling, I will look for an item that I ALWAYS place in the same spot not be there, I will get frustrated after 30 minutes of looking and beg the spirits to replace it, then I find it where I left it, the bruises continue, I am grabbed with deep indents left in my left ankle only, the bruises appear in the same spots.. both upper thighs, under both arms. My lights can hold 2 light bulbs, when one goes out, I replace it, a day or two later the same bulb goes out. This is in the kitchen and my bathroom and in the living room only. I still feel someone sit on the edge of my bed, my hair has been ‘swatted’ and this was witnessed by a friend of mine. He was too afraid to mention it until I said someone just flipped my hair, and he said he saw it.

I have become friends with a medium. She said my deceased brother and my mother are here. She told me things she didnt know about me. A picture of a flag keeps falling in my living room, my boys saw it fall one day. I hear many noises in my vanity area, which is right next to my bath room. I can feel when I will have indents on my ankle as my foot will tingle. I have dozens of pictures of what has been left on my body. Not sure if you want me to send then as well, I will have to send them with my phone.

My new boyfriend said he was held done in bed one morning, couldnt move or speak.. it scared him but he didnt say that, his look on his face told the story. I feel I have a jealous male spirit here, not sure who it is. I know I have pranksters here. But THANK GOD I am no longer scared. I am not sure if they came with the house, attached thier selves to furniture that was brought in (my ex husband was a mover and he brought home ‘new’ furniture all the time that came from people he moved) or if they follow me from the hospital I work at. Regardless, they are here and I am learning to live with them. I have ordered them to leave in the name and blood of JESUS…. but they wont go.

If there is any other information you would like, please feel free to ask. I do have to admit it is a bit embarrassing to talk of the sexual attacks, but if it will help you, I will tell you what I can. If you would like pictures, let me know, I can send them. I want to thank you for being interested and taking the time to listen to my story. Of course, so much more has happened, but this is just a summary. Everyday something happens, even at work.

You may share my story as I am not ashamed. Again, thank you very much for your interest in this matter. Have a great day
Donna McCreary

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior


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