April 25, 2016 10:00 am


Before this investigation started, I presented Corrine the occupant a paranormal care package made by Deanna Jaxine Stinson. The care package included 3 Eucalyptus smudge wands; dream catcher that will be used as a gift for the Native American spirit; white candle; mussel shell, white candle, business cards and dream pillow. Thank you to the occupants for the pizza and five dollar donation.

Corrine feels like there is an entity that is watching over her, it is the entity known as Jeffrey. At one time her ex-husband Bruce was watching over her. Note: Bruce recently crossed over according to Robert Oliver.

Another entity that haunts this condo is a Native American spirit, the Cameron Park Hostile Miwok Spirit. This angry spirit is known to push the occupants as they are walking down the stairs. Robert, an empath felt dark energy at this condo with his dowsing rods, he made the determination that the entity was a Native American Indian. I confirmed this with a quick and dirty EVP. When asking the entity to identify itself, I received a Class A EVP that said in Miwok language: “ahk-chawk me-wok”, which means: “I am Miwok.”

Robert says that when he first walked into this condo, he felt a wall of evil dark energy, he could feel the presence of a forbidden force, that entity is the Cameron Park Hostile Miwok Spirit. Robert felt that this Indian spirit was once alive on this land hundreds of years ago, he is angry that this condo exists on his precious land. Jeffrey remains at this condo, to protect Corrine from this dark force. The Miwok spirit stands over the stairs, waiting to push someone. Corrine once felt a tickling on her back and there was no one there. Robert Oliver once felt something on his back and cold chills ran up and down his arms.

While we investigated, we captured 3 EVPs and one of the EVPs, as you can hear on the link at the top of this article, is considered a Class A. While I captured one EVP, an orb flew out of my recorder and Robert captured this on video. Another time, while I was conducting an EVP session, an orb flew out of my stomach. Again, captured on video by Robert.

At the end of the night, I conducted a Eucalyptus smudging with Corrine. I gave Corrine the words to an Indian prayer in which we ask for forgiveness for trespassing on this land that once belonged to the Miwoks and offered the dream catcher as a peace offering. You can see the prayer on The Orb Chasers Facebook wall.


Shadow Demon at McDonald’s by Deanna Jaxine Stinson

We were at the McDonald’s on Richards Blvd in Sacramento and as we pulled up we noticed there were homeless people looking like they were high on crack. One woman was walking across the street barefoot while dancing to no music with her hands in the air. Another two could not quit twitching and they kept crossing the street back and forth like they had no sense of reality and then would high five each other with their hands high in the air with no speaking. It is a weird area as many homeless frequent that spot. They have been in this area for many years now from what I witnessed.

We went into the McDonald’s and I ordered a fruit parfait and coffee. While we were ordering another strange homeless lady came into the place and started singing loudly that the lord loves her and Jesus saves, but it was frightening to me because she was not aware of her surroundings or her loudness.

Well, Paul ordered his food and we sat down to eat and the singing young woman sat down right across from me. She was singing again and it was freaking me out and Paul went to go order some fries and I was left there feeling very uncomfortable. All of a sudden I looked to my left on the white wall and the sun is against the other side of the building, so it is lighting the outline of my silhouette with extreme darkness. I saw my head and my hair in a topknot and I noticed something right behind my shadow that looked like Paul’s face from behind my seat, just around the corner and he was leaned over, his lips up to the back of my head and he was moving them in a happy way and making bunny ears on my head like it was a photograph pose but he kept making them dance in movement so that they looked alive. Well, I looked behind me a couple times and it stopped and I suspiciously looked at that woman and the people around me especially for Paul. No one had their hands in the air even in such a position, where the shadow would be there and then I thought for sure it was Paul and that he was disappearing behind the wall to play a joke, it was April Fool’s Day after all. I thought I was going to catch him once I felt him closer, like feeling his breath on the back of my neck. I turned around real fast and said “I can see you.” and there was no one there, so I felt embarrassed, but freaked out anyway, because of all the weirdos in the area so I was so anxious, I had to run out to the car. Then when Paul gave me the keys, he went back to the table for his sunglasses and the obnoxious woman yelled “have a blessed day” at him.

Paul’s Note: When there is a weakness of insanity, alcoholism or drug use, demons will take notice and possess those who are weak. Could it be that Deanna witnessed a demon that was making bunny ears on her head? Could the shadowy form that she thought was me, be a demon that was attached to one of the strange people she saw at this McDonalds?

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior