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There’s no better time to sit back and enjoy a movie about some killer bunnies than around Easter. These bunnies are sick of their typical carrot diet and have a thirst for blood that can only be quenched one way – by killing! Not all of them are, in fact, about murderous cottontails – some of them are just crazy people dressed up in bunny suits. I personally think that the typical Easter bunny costume is rather creepy – even more so when you bring your kid to visit him and take pictures – 9 out of 10 times, these pictures look like the beginning of a horror story already.

The movies on this list are ridiculously cheesy and horribly awesome… that is, if you like that type of thing. You’d be surprised by how many Easter-related horror movies are out there, including scary Easter shorts. Although not every movie on this list will revolve around Easter, they will all focus on a killer bunny/bunnyman of some sort! So get ready for the upcoming holiday and indulge in these 7 ridiculous movies to watch on Easter.

Serial Rabbit (2005)

Roger Rabbit meets Freddy Krueger.

Every year, a serial killer dresses up as the Easter Bunny and preys on the residents of Texas due to their lack of spiritual awareness. It’s cheesy and god awful, but they made 3 of them, so some people must be dig them!

Easter Sunday (2014)

People in this town can’t enjoy springtime holidays anymore – not since that horrible night 24 years ago when serial killer Douglas Fisher killed a heck of a lot of people on Easter. Now he’s back for revenge; just another serial killer going crazy on Easter. What makes them go mad on this holiday… is it too much candy? Fun fact: this movie stars two past horror icons – Robert Z’Dar from Maniac Cop and Ari Lehman, the very first Jason from Friday the 13th.

Kottentail (2007)

Two animal liberators set a rabbit free from a local animal research facility, not thinking about the possible consequences of releasing a mysterious test subject. Who knows what this rabbit has been injected with? Soon after, the vicious little beast attacks a local farmer named (what else?) Hans Kottentail, and it doesn’t take long before he begins to change. Kust a little fur and tail at first….but then, a blood lust starts to grow inside him and he begins to kill off the townspeople. With this one, at least he has a legitamite reason for killing people; it’s not his fault a psychotic rabbit bit him. Besides, this is way more frightening than a dude in a bunny suit.

Beaster Day: Here Comes Peter Cottonhell (2015)

A vicious, unknown animal is killing the townspeople, but no one, including the Mayor, is taking these deaths seriously. When the death toll rises and the truth behind the deaths come out – a giant killer Easter Bunny – who will be there stop it? This movie is ridiculously cheesy and silly, but it works because it doesn’t take itself seriously and it’s actual quite enjoyable.

The Bunnyman Massacre (2014)

A dude dressed as a bunny with a chainsaw? I’m in.

Joe and Bunnyman have quite the strange relationship. They’re bonded through bloodlust and anyone who comes across their path isn’t safe. Although the Bunnyman simply enjoys killing anything in sight, Joe benefits from the deal as well with an endless supply of “beef jerky” to sell. Yum!

Easter Bunny Bloodbath (2010)

Back in 1967, Peter McKay’s sister was decapitated by an ax wielding lunatic dressed as the Easter Bunny, causing him to avoid the traumatic holiday for quite a few years. But it is present day now and life is going pretty good. Peter and his friends go to an isolated cabin in the woods to celebrate the holiday weekend with partying and plenty of sex. But something is about to screw up their plans… something white and fuzzy lurking in the woods. Bloody, sleazy, and cheesy sums up this ridiculous movie perfectly. However, the upside is that the music playing throughout the flick is pretty awesome, so at least there’s that!

Easter Bunny, Kill! Kill! (2006)

Out of all the movies on this list, this one is probably the most cringe-worthy.

A scum of the earth-type of dude weasels his way into the heart of a single mother. Trusting him completely, she leaves her son in his care, but unfortunately all he does is torture the boy and invite others over to join the party. But don’t fret – soon, all of these abusers will come face to face with a masked Easter Bunny killer who is set on taking revenge! It’s pretty much a modern day exploitation flick with a grindhouse feel, and one of the more popular ones on this list.

There you have it, 7 ridiculous movies to watch on Easter – emphasis on ridiculous, but some people love that sort of thing. Whether you like serial killers dressed up as bunnies, psycho man-rabbit transformations, gigantic rabbits gone wild, or a good revenge story… there’s something for everyone on here. So, take a load off after Easter dinner with the family and enjoy some extra cheesy movies to finish off your holiday night!


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