March 9, 2016 7:19 pm

Ghost in House

Does your home have cold spots…areas where there is no evidence of a draft, but you can feel one anyway? 

Oftentimes, spiritual activity is accompanied by cold wisps of air and chilling puffs against your skin.  They can be a barely-noticeable occurrence, or very strong. Goosebumps can result.  Pay attention, these can be very tell-tale.

Do the inhabitants of your house hear unexplainable noises, usually in the middle of the night?

Barring all possibilities such as pipe air, outside noises, the house settling and other completely rational explanations, these noises can include but are not limited to – whispers, footsteps, thumps and bumps, moans, crying, and laughter, including children, aside from the noise things make being moved.  Most standard recorders can pick up these noises.  If you have these, listen closely because you may have captured some EVPs as well.

Do your dogs or cats tend to avoid or obsess about a  particular location in your home?

Animals are extremely sensitive to paranormal occurrences and “vibes”.  They will often stare at a particular spot for no specific reason, growl at thin air, flee from nothing and bark at something you can’t see.  Sooth the animal and get it to calm down.  Take notice of when and where these things happen and see what other signs might be going on.  Pay heed to your pets.  They’re innocently psychic.

Do you find that friends or family mention feeling a particular way in your home or specific location in the home?  Are they spooked at times?

Do they talk about nighttime occurrences or feelings they have?

Those who don’t live full time in the house will often feel more spirit energy than those living there.  We can grow “immune” to the feelings in our own house.  Pay attention to what visitors say.  Very common scents that are not usual to your surroundings can indicate some spirit activity. The sense of smell is extremely strong in relation to memory for human beings.  We can smell a particular aroma and be taken instantly back to a strong memory we’ve stored that is connected to that smell.  Perfumes, flower scents, earthy scents and cooking smells are some of the scents detected in relation to ghostly activity.  Finally, open yourself to the experience of feeling the atmosphere of your own home.  Clear your thoughts and breathe deeply, drawing in the ambiance around your house and filtering it through your senses.

Does it feel charged with energy?

Does it feel as though you’re not alone?

Does it feel like there are emotions there that don’t belong to your or other inhabitants?

These things all can indicate presences of spirit people and ghostly visitors.

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