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The Munsters! To anyone that was born between the 60’s and 80’s, that name likely conjures up fond memories of the classic TV series about an out-of-place family of monsters in rural America. Whose heart didn’t light up at the light-hearted spin on an old collection of horror myths?

Sandy and Charles McKee, of Waxahachie, Texas, loved the show so much that they actually turned their house into a complete replica of the The Munsters mansion!

The home is a full 6,000 square feet of “fraughs.” That’s the combination of frights and laughs that takes place within a Munster abode.

Enter at your own risk.

The family spent over 335,000 dollars to create this replica. That organ took 10 years to track down! I guess it’s no big deal when you are a family of immortal monsters.

This is where they serve the meat… err, meals.

Who needs a guard dog? Dragons are far more novel.

Here’s Eddy Munster’s room. Doesn’t that cage look cozy?

They even have the Munster koach! I would totally go for a cruise around town in that.

Don’t let the decor fool you, folks. This is a fully functional home, right down to the witch’s cauldron.

What a lovely couple. Charles dressed as Herman, and Sandy as Lily. Of course, there’s Grandpa Dracula in the mix.

They spared no expense to fulfill their ambition, even at the cost of some basic comfort. Many of their finds were auctioned items straight from the set! Lily’s harp alone was $25,000. Who knew anyone could be so passionate about a family of kooky monsters?

The home isn’t just for personal pleasure and tourism. The family holds a charity event every Halloween. Can’t make it out there to see them? Check out this video clip for a fun tour through the house from the comfort of your own, less spooky home.

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This post was written by Nadia Vella