February 9, 2016 9:09 am

A disturbing video purporting to show a prostitute still attached at the genitals to an elderly man who died while having sex has emerged online.

The bizarre footage allegedly shows paramedics transporting the dead body with the woman still on top out of a building on a hospital stretcher.

The pair are hidden under a blanket, but the possible woman does seem to be moving, as a crowd of people stand around and watch in horror.

died while having sex

The video appears to have first emerged on Chinese video sharing website Miaopai, before it was later shared by users on LiveLeak.

It is believed that the incident took place in China, although the exact location is unknown.

The duo were presumably taken to the hospital to be surgically separated before the man could then be brought to the morgue.

Dying while having sex, although uncommon, can occur due to the strain of the activity.

The pair are hidden under a blanket, but the woman, who can be seen on top, does appear to be moving

This can lead to a sudden cardiovascular attack – something that is more common in males.

People are also able to get stuck together while having intercourse – a rare occurrence known as ‘penis captivus’, where the vagina muscles clamp down on the penis much more firmly than usual.

Dr John Dean, a UK-based sexual physician, previously told the BBC that when the penis is in the vagina it becomes increasingly engorged.

He said: ‘The muscles of the woman’s pelvic floor contract rhythmically at orgasm. While those muscles contract the penis becomes stuck and further engorged.’

The duo were presumably taken to the hospital before the man could then be brought to the morgue

Finally the vaginal muscles relax, the blood flows out of the penis and the man can withdraw.

He said that over the years, several of his patients have discussed their experience of getting ‘stuck’ – more out of curiosity than because it was a problem, however.

One way in which doctors are able to separate people stuck together is by giving the woman an injection commonly used to dilate the uterus of pregnant women.

It is not known what happened to this particular lady and how she was later separated, however.

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