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High Strangeness: San Bruno Mountain

San Bruno Mountain is located in northern San Mateo County, California. Some of the slopes cross over into South San Francisco and the mountain can be seen from the town of San Bruno.

When I lived in San Bruno, I would gaze at this gorgeous mountain from my back yard. My very first car was a blue 1965 Dodge Coronet Station Wagon. I bought this car for $400.00 cash from a friend named Willie Reid. I drove this car to the ground and sold it back to Willie for $20.00. Willie and two of his buddies took the car to San Bruno Mountain and with head helmets on, rolled the car over a cliff. Willie and his friends being daredevils of sorts, stayed in the car as it rolled over several times down the cliff.

That is my connection to the mountain. I was always very fascinated with this mountain and as a young boy, I heard many stories about this mountain. Some of these stories could be urban myth, but I will repeat the stories in this article.


In the late 60s and the early 70s, a group of red robed people would be seen congregating on this mountain. It was said they would burn an upside down black cross. There were rumors of human sacrifice being taken place at these rituals, but that was never proven.


The Portola Expedition visited San Francisco Bay in 1769 and just 5 years later Fernando Rivera and four soldiers climbed San Bruno Mountain and watched the beautiful sunrise from across the bay. Bruno de Heceta named San Bruno Mountain for Bruno’s patron saint. Leslie Matthews and her family were camping at San Bruno Mountain and the fog just rolled in. When the fog dispersed in one area, they could make out what appeared to be 4 Spanish soldiers in red and white garb and blue and white garb. The fog rolled back in and when it dispersed again, the soldiers were gone. The Matthews family researched soldier uniforms and they say that the soldiers uniforms resembled Spanish uniforms from the 1700s. Is it possible that the Matthews saw the Spanish soldiers of Fernando Rivera or Bruno de Heceta?


Darrell Johansen says that in 1984 while driving in the area, he saw with 2 of his buddies, a hairy man running through the thickets. The hairy man stood at 5’ 8”. There was sparse hair all over his body, thick beard and disheveled long hair. The Hairy Man’s forearms were thicker than a normal man. The Hairy Man looked at Darrell Johansen and his friends and ran even faster in the thickets until he finally disappeared.


The Daly City Chinese Cemetery has many haunted tales. There has been reported cases of grave robbing at the Daly City Chinese Cemetery. It is known that the Chinese will bury valuables with their dead. When grave robbers got wind of this, there were many disturbed graves. A Bigfoot type of creature was once seen at this cemetery. Could this have been the San Bruno Hairy Man? Story goes that a couple drove into the cemetery to make out. While making out a blue light was seen. The woman was scared to death and the man got out of the car to investigate. As he approached, he saw that the blue light had a disc shape to it. The woman claims that her boyfriend was gone for an hour, but the boyfriend does not vouch for the missing time. When he returned to the car, the frightened girl drove out like a bat out of hell. The story goes that a hairy creature jumped on the hood of their vehicle. They left and do not have a desire to ever re-visit the cemetery ever again. Blue lights have been seen coming in and out of San Bruno Mountain. Could those blue lights be UFO activity and was it the same kind of blue light that the couple saw at Daly City Chinese Cemetery? Special Note: People see orbs floating around the cemetery too. Could these orbs be connected to the San Bruno Mountain Will-o’-the-Wisps?


Near the mountain, a hippie blonde woman with peace patches on her jeans is sometimes seen. A few people have stopped for the hitchhiker only for the woman to let out a piercing scream and vanish in front of their eyes.


At times strange lights are seen on the mountain. They seems to bounce up and down in the air, or dart here and there like a dragon fly. There is no explanation for this strange light phenomenon.


It is rumored that some bodies have been dumped at San Bruno Mountain by the West Coast Mafia and serial killers like David Joseph Carpenter aka the Trailside Killer and the notorious Zodiac Killer. San Bruno Mountain has many secluded areas for dumping and it would make a convenient location for killers. A hiker named Daniel Ford says that he once saw a shadowy figure moving what appeared to be a body wrapped up in plastic. As Daniel watched the image, the image started to fade away. Daniel believes he was witnessing residual haunting and the shadowy figure’s face looked like the Trailside Killer.


Jean Brown is a former employee of the former Lullaby Lane Baby Store (now Baby World) in San Bruno. This store has been in operation since the 1950s. Jean Brown died of lung cancer in 1980 and Baby World is haunted by Jean Brown. Witnesses report unexplained noises, footsteps, moving chairs and tapping on the walls A former employee of Lullaby Lane Baby Store claims that she also saw Jean Brown walking down a trail at San Bruno Mountain, so he may be haunting both places.


Three high school kids from Oceana High School while camping, claim they saw a pint size UFO darting in and out of the trees. The UFO was one foot in length and one foot in width. The UFO seemed curious of the 3 boys and flew close to their face. The boys claim they could see small window portholes and what appeared to be tiny humanoids inside the craft. The UFO had a bluish glow to it and was in the shape of a disc.

So as you can see San Bruno Mountain has many stories, it’s definitely a legendary mountain. When time allows, I would love to bring HPI (Halo Paranormal Investigations) to this beautiful scenic mountain in the bay area.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior
Halo Paranormal Investigations (HPI International)

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