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Incense around the World

Incense bouquets were burned for mystical and physical healing properties and aroma since times of the ancient Egyptians. Many herbs, such as Eucalyptus have been proven scientifically to be for good health. Herbs may also be dried and brewed with boiling water to make fresh tea with many medical benefits. Washes, baths, oils and perfumes may also be created with the same intentions. The most popular form of herbal use for meditation is by burning incense.

Dragon’s Blood
This red smoky incense has a sweet and spicy aroma. It is one of my favorites to burn during the spring and summertime. It is formed from a resin of numerous palm plants sap. The resin is a deep red color, mimicking blood. Dragon’s blood is good for evocation rituals, for love and for sexuality. I also enjoy using dragon’s blood with lavender, sage and eucalyptus. Dragon’s blood is a good companion to many different herbs as the scent is not overwhelming.

This scent was first popularized by native Australians. Eucalyptus is native to the lands there. It serves to promote good health, good skin and good breathing. Eucalyptus is put into many modern day products such as face wash, tea for sinus and also to help beat depression. Burning this incense is thought to turn away evil spirits and cleanse space.

Frankincense has been used as incense since as far back as biblical times. It is commonly thought to clear a space of evil spirits. It is popularly described as one of the gifts from the wise men to Jesus. Its scent can be described as bittersweet and leafy. It is good to use in combination with herbs that have an earthy musk as it will balance the aroma.

Lavender is a purple flower that is said to promote beauty. It can help with happiness healing and love. It creates a calm environment and peaceful energy. Lavender is used in a variety of teas, detergents and beauty products meant to induce a feeling of cleanliness and calmness.

Lavender is said to help bring you luck in love.

Nag Champa
Nag Champa is most popularly used in India inside of temples. It is used in soaps, candles, and perfume. Its base is wood and charcoal powder. On top of this, different variations are added such as vanilla, nag Champa flower and honey. I like burning this with a sweet wood such as Palo Santo to really bring out the scent. There are many different kinds of nag Champa and they all produce a great atmosphere for meditation and cleansing, giving you room to bring in happiness and luck.

Palo Santo
Palo Santo wood is popularized by the Incan civilization that was most successful from the 1100’s to 1400’s. The tree is native to Peru and Ecuador. Palo Santo wood is also referred to as holy wood.
It can banish evil from the area and bring in good fortune to those who truly believe in its power. Since it is a relative to frankincense, it does smell good when burned together.

This scent has been used since ancient times to help in rituals, love and wealth. This plant is a member of the mint family. Mint is also used to attract wealth. Patchouli has also been used to aid with mystical protection. The scent is often described as musky and earthy. This scent has been used in modern day insect repellents. Remember that much good incense will act as a natural repellent against mosquitos and more.

Rose is a very beautiful flower that comes in many different variations. Rose can be used to being about good luck in matters of almost anything. It is most popularly associated with love. It can bring beauty as well as there are many products that use roses and also people drink rose water as a potion as well. Roses are commonly associated with powerful beings of love such as Aphrodite, Jesus and Isis.

Sage is a very popular incense choice in ridding a space of negative energy. Sage was popularized by the Native Americans who once colonized this land. Sage can come in all different types and varieties. Its smell is pungent and bitter but almost immediately your stress will be lifted by the smoke. While sage is good at dispelling negativity you will most likely need to combine sage with other herbs that attract positivity as well. The most popular is sweet grass. My favorite is to use in combination with lavender around my bed before I fall asleep as it evokes serenity and peaceful dreams.

People want to know why incense is used in churches, temples and holy practices. Incense was first commonly used as an insect repellant. Many people would use it outside in their rituals. Incense purifies the air and herbs cause enlightenment. Incense is used in conjunction with prayers.

I choose these scents to share with you as they are some that I use most commonly at the moment and so they are fresh on my mind. It is fun to experiment with combining many different kinds and that is what I suggest with you if you wish to experience this world. It’s always more fulfilling to figure out these things on your own as you build a relationship with yourself and the gods!

Deanna Jaxine Stinson aka The Black Rose
Halo Paranormal Investigations (HPI International)


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