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Ultrasound reveals Demon Watching over Unborn Fetus - Viral Image receives over a Million Views in two days

A frightening ultra sound image has gone viral after it was posted on Imgur, quickly spreading across other social media platforms. The seemingly normal ultra sound image seemed normal enough, until someone noticed a demon watching over the child in the womb. 

The ultrasound was taken on June 26, 2015, but was not posted online until January 1, 2016, by a friend of the child’s mother. The strange, demon-like figure standing to the right of the child shocked the family friend, who thought it would be a good idea to share the ultra sound with the internet via Imgur.

The Daily Mail reported that the child was approximately eight to 10 weeks old in the ultrasound image. The child’s development seemed normal at the time and the doctors were not worried about the child’s well being, despite the explainable demonic creature at its side.

Luigivampa-Over9000 posted the image on Imgur, stating that the family asked the ultrasound technician about the strange visitor, but the tech could not explain the demon’s presence.

“They asked the tech who did the ultrasound what it was — they didn’t really have an answer besides they haven’t seen something like that before. Kinda an interesting story with a photo to go along.”

Below is a color enhanced image. The darker area to the right is where the supposed demon is standing over the child’s fetus.

Ultrasound Reveals Demon Watching Over Unborn Fetus, Viral Image Receives Over A Million Views In Two Days
Although the demon is easily noticed when pointed out, frequenters of Imgur are unsure whether the creepy figure is actually a demon, a trick of light, or something else entirely.

The Mirror revealed that opinions of the strange creature vary among being a demon, a Hindu goddess, a mermaid, and one person on Imgur even saw Wonder Woman.

The creepy demon scared Imgur user Hypochindriac.

“Well that [expletive deleted] actually scared me. Had to check my room with the phone’s light just to make sure there wasn’t anybody here”

Marysboychild saw the opposite of a demon in the image.

“I see a goodhearted woman looking after her child”

Mla16 took another approach regarding what people are seeing, claiming that the eyes can see what they want.

“We can see anything we want in shapes. As long as baby isn’t a demon think it’s mum will be ok. Idiot’s!!!”

Other commenters remarked on the presence of the demonic figure and how the baby might be impacted by a demon womb-mate, claiming that the child may be in danger.

Below is a close up of the supposed demon, showing detail of its face, chest, and arms.

Ultrasound Reveals Demon Watching Over Unborn Fetus, Viral Image Receives Over A Million Views In Two Days
Of course, there are those out there that believe the image is not real, and was posted only for exposure. However, Luigivampa-Over9000 claims that is not so, instead posting the ultrasound simply to see if others see the same demon in the image.

Although many viewers claim that the baby is in danger due to the demon’s watchful eye, those that believe it is a Hindu goddess feel that the baby will be blessed in life. Jenn O’Carroll is on the blessed camp.

“looks more like a [H]indu god to me.. or perhaps a [B]uddah. Maybe the kid’s gonna be blessed instead “

Regardless of whether you are team demon or team Hindu goddess, many are wondering if the baby is okay, since it was up to 10 weeks old in the ultrasound over six months ago. According to Luigivampa-Over9000, the child was born prematurely, but is okay.

“Everything is fine now. The baby was premature by 2 months.”


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