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Imagine being on a woodland walk and seeing a young child all alone. Your first instinct would be to try to help them. But, what if this Good Samaritan act led you toward unimaginable darkness?


With coal-black eyes and unnerving mannerisms, black-eyed kids (BEKs) are believed to be some of the most dangerous spirits in existence by those who’ve encountered them.

Sightings often occur in deserted areas – abandoned parking lots, quiet woodland… but some have answered a knock on their door only to find one of these creepy youngsters stood on the threshold of their property.

In most cases, the adult can’t quite put their finger on what’s unsettling them about the child – until they notice the kid’s pure-black eyes.

The youngster will often speak with unusual eloquence and confidence for their age. They may insist on being ‘let in’ to cars or homes, ask for a ride home or for help making a phone call.

There are no reports of what happens if the adult agrees…


There are some interesting theories on Black Eyed Kids. My own personal explanation for these creatures, and I so call them creatures as I do believe that is what they are, has been narrowed down to 2 logical (maybe not so logical but in my mind yes, logical) explanations.

To begin with the bulk of BEK encounters consist of youthful, usually dapper young men who employ hypnotic voices and mesmerizing black eyes to try and coerce their “victims” into doing their bidding. Secondly, these beings have displayed an evident inability to enter someone’s property without first being invited. It’s difficult to argue that these attributes aren’t vampire-like (Mysterious Universe).

Why don’t they just storm through the door like any other normal intruder? Surely such an menacing entity such as the BEKs would be capable of such an intrusion. It seems as though they need to be invited in. While it is certainly a big stretch (or is it?) to claim that these kids are blood sucking demons, we must remember that the idea of an evil presence needing some sort of invitation before entering a house (or even a human being) is a longstanding belief in many cultures. Blood letting aside, could BEKs possibly be another form of vampire? Could these BEKs be Vampires that live off fear rather than surviving on one’s life force or blood? There are certainly many types of vampires, why not one that can survive by living off a humans fear. Fear is one of many emotions and often times one of the most powerful.

Theory number two…..demons. The stuff of nightmares or just a really bad conjuring or devil worshipping gone wrong. Then again exorcisms seem to be on the rise so I’d be privy to putting my bets that BEKs might actually be a clan of devilish demons. Not impossible. If there is a heaven then there surely must be a hell right? Did Satan send his minions to earth in the form of Black Eyed Kids? And if so, why? We may never know. Just another thing to ponder in the endless list of paranormal oddities.


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This post was written by Nadia Vella