August 19, 2015 10:33 am

In the video below, the narrator begins by questioning the media narratives we’ve being told about a number of “alleged suicides.” Some have made the news, MANY have not, which only further adds to the suspicion of the “official stories.” The narrator begins with a man found after allegedly shooting himself SEVEN times in the head with a nail gun. Suicide? Really? Kind of an odd way to go isn’t it?

Those crazy “Conspiracy Theorists” might even say it sounds like he was tortured. Then there was the man found in the bathtub with his throat slit, the strange thing is that the knife was found underneath him at death. Somewhat strange again no?

Have you heard about the man jumping off the 13th floor of a building after winning $10 million dollars? THAT one makes sense right? I’m sure the stress of which family members to help was just too burdensome. I’m being sarcastic. How many people do you know who’ve been run over on their morning jog? Would it surprise you to learn in some professional circles a morning jog can be quite hazardous to your health, resulting in instant death?

For those not familiar with these stories, I have published articles on every one of them, and many more. These are the VERY MYSTERIOUS deaths we’ve been seeing around the globe of high level bankers. I will detail my thoughts on that below and provide links to some of the banker deaths.


In the video below, you’ll learn that some of the stories conveniently escaping major media scrutiny right now are of the 74 NASA scientists mysteriously dying.

For all the skeptics out there, and for all those who are tired of these crazy“Conspiracy Theories,” let me ask you three questions.

1) Do you think there could POSSIBLY be a connection between the deaths of close to 200 men and women related to the highest levels of global banking, and the space agency tasked with watching the heavens?

2) Have their been ANY other stories out there (uh, ALL of them) that have been connecting the dots about what we are not being told?

3) Do you think the husbands, wives, and children of those 200 people think all this is coincidence?

Particularly the man who “shot himself” in the head 7 times with a nail gun?

Perhaps if all that sounds normal to you, no need to watch the video or read the article below. Wait until you hear about this new twist! Let me provide the full background first. I assure you, it will blow your mind.

I said the following in, Why Are The Illuminati Planning To Crash the Global Economy:

According to a CNN Money report, the United States lost roughly 23% of its TOTAL net worth in the financial crash of 2008. You might remember the crash?

The whole thing was Bush’s fault if you don’t remember. Obama says so. Anyway, keep in mind that figure includes the top 1% of Americans we hear so much about, so a more accurate number to base things on would be the total losses experienced by the “average” diversified stock portfolio.

Virtually EVERY person I know would have given a limb to have limited their losses to a mere 23%, so we really can’t count the uber rich with the rest of us. In 2008, the average diversified mutual fund lost close to 40% in value.

Almost HALF of the wealth of those “INVESTED” in American equities just evaporated. To wrap your head around how truly devastating the 2008 crash was, please let me remind you that it is by NO MEANS accurate to say the “average” family is heavily invested in diversified stock portfolios.

Most are in debt up to their eyeballs, living beyond their means, and surviving check-to-check. The “average” HOUSEHOLD income in 2008, for an entire working family, was only slightly over $50,000, so I think it’s safe to say, many of THOSE families were not making ANY investments into the “average” diversified stock portfolio.




Many of us “Crazy Conspiracy Theorists” believe there are several reasons all the bankers keep dying, and it’s a safe bet that few, if any, have been actual suicides, which are how many of the deaths been classified by police.

Fact: All the world’s money derives come from just a handful of wealthy family bloodlines, known in many cases as the “SECRET SOCIETIES” (see the links below). 95% of the money on the planet’s belongs to 85 families, or something close to that.

Don’t quote me on that exactly, but it’s close. I know the 85 families is correct, but maybe it’s “only” 85% of the global money or something. Ether way, point made! Perhaps the most well known of these families to most people are the Rothschild’s, the Rockefellers, and the Carnegie’s.

Those families and their cartels have the run the world central banks just about forever, so they are infinitely more powerful than most governments even. They are the ones most governments (Including the U.S.) crawl to when they need money. My point: don’t expect any of the “suicides” to be investigated as possible murders.

If you begin to research the issue of “banker suicides,” you’ll notice many of the bankers had things in common. Some even knew each other. Many worked on trading desks, or in some trading capacity, many held the same positions but at different banks, or were upper upper level IT people with access to see the trades, positions, and/or transactions their banks had taken part in. None of the deaths are from low level employees.

Manu of the “suicides” were reasonably young (raising families), ultra successful, married, and with children… aka not “typical suicide cases.” All were in high level positions, and had access to the types of information they could draw obvious conclusions from depicting a very dark view into the future.

It’s likely many of the bankers were able to see trends or problems for their respective banks before the banks’ own boards even became aware. I suppose a few deaths MIGHT have been suicide. The rest probably tried to warn corporate officers, or worse they warned outsiders, and were silenced to delay mass hysteria.




The world’s financial elite have been, and will continue to SCRAMBLE, in an effort to protect anything they can for what is coming. Once they are done, you’ll begin to see the “connected” disappear as they go to their safe havens.

Have you SEEN some of these Bunkers in the Tens of Millions of Dollars being built, and then flaunted right in front of people on television?

It’s sick how clueless the American people truly are. That’s just the private sector bunkers too. That’s not even including How the Elites Have Arranged For Trillions of Our Tax Dollars to be Spent On Underground Bunkers For Them, Not You.

Below is a picture of one of the drills that has been digging these underground complexes since 1983. Is the enormity or the gravity of how serious this is hitting you yet? THIRTY YEARS they’ve been creating top secret underground bases across the globe in every developed country. What do they know that we don’t?

The size of the massive U.S. drill bit, when the drill backs out, creates a space large enough for two 18-wheel tractor trailers to drive through side by side. That might sound impressive, however it’s important to note, elites ALL over the globe are doing the same.

That makes the notion that all this is a big “conspiracy” even more of an asinine statement. Anyway, OUR drill is NOT the largest of its kind in the world. It’s second only to China though. Their’s is THREE TIMES as big. Can you imagine?

nasa scientists dead

The elites are laughing in our faces, and especially at the people who blindly watch the bunker shows in envy over their lavish lifestyle. Instead, those morons should be putting 1+1 together, and figuring out there is a reason for fear. How many people became wealthy enough to build multi-million dollar underground bunkers by WASTING their money? Need I say more? There have been BILLIONAIRE’S who have tried to warn us, but the ignorant still won’t listen:

WalMarts Around the Country Have Been Converted into to Prisons to be Used As FEMA CAMPS (AKA Concentration Camps), and they were built specifically for the very clueless fools watching the million dollar bunker shows. When the sh** eventually does hit the fan, what’s left of the government doesn’t want THAT level of IDIOT out roaming around because they’ll either get killed themselves, or cause more trouble for others. Still, the idiots tune in to the next episode each week. UNREAL! In a recent post about young people’s ignorance, I included a


Great video on today’s youth having zero capacity for critical thinking. They just pick a side that sounds cool, and then believe whatever a television or radio talking head tells them. One thing is for certain: WHEN YOU SEE THESE TYPES OF PEOPLE START VANISHING, everyone is going to wish they had done some of their own homework, unless they were quick to go, and are already drinking margarita’s in heaven.


nasa scientists dead

NASA Scientist Alberto Behar died in a plane crash in January (2015) in Los Angeles – making a total of 74 Scientist dead in 2 years. writes: Alberto Behar had helped to prove that there had once been water on Mars, having worked on two missions to Mars. He was also a robotics expert who researched how robots function in harsh environments (such as under water or inside volcanoes).

The unusually high number of scientist deaths in recent years has made people question whether this death was suspicious or not.

Behar was an expert pilot; he was a flight instructor for both planes and helicopters – the weather conditions were clear and for some reason his plane just started to lose altitude. The Van Nuys Airport pilot Kashif Khursheed said “I can’t see what would be the cause of something like this. He was very knowledgeable, competent and thorough.”

This is just one of the most recent cases of a prominent scientists suspicious death, over the past two years 74 leading medical and NASA scientists havedied, almost all are officially labeled suicide or an accident. Glenn Thomas was a World Health Organization spokesperson; he was reportedly an expert on Ebola and AIDS, he was aboard MH17 when it was shot down with approximately 100 other researchers.

Joep Lange, a leading AIDS researcher and former president of the International AIDS Society (IAS) was also aboard MH17. They were all on their way to an international AIDS conference. With one fell swoop a large portion of the leading AIDS experts were killed before they could attend a global conference.

nasa scientists dead

Shane Truman Todd was an electrical engineer.

He was working on a top-secret “one of a kind” machine for the Chinese when he turned up dead.

Melissa Ketunuti, 35, was a pediatrician who specialized in cancer; she also worked on an AIDS fellowship in Botswana. She was hogtied and set on fire in the basement of her home in Philadelphia. Dr Anne Szarewski, 53, was a cervical cancer expert; she pioneered the cervical cancer vaccine.

Ketunuti was found dead in her London home in December 2013. Her husband spent hours drilling through the front door that she had locked from the inside, when he found her she was dead, to this day no one knows what killed her. An inquiry into her death was launched but nothing conclusive was ever found.

Perhaps one of the most controversial scientist deaths in the last few years was that of Shane Truman Todd, 31. In June 2012 he was found dead, his body was in morgue in Singapore, he was an electrical engineer.

He was working on a top-secret “one of a kind” machine for the Chinese that was believed to be a defense weapon. Shane told his family that he was not happy with what he was doing and he feared for his life, he was allegedly being asked to compromise U.S security.

He quit his job and was due to leave China and fly home but died a week before his flight after his last day at work building this unknown machine. Foul play was suspected and his family began campaigning for the truth, Chinese official said they would look into the matter and try and determine if it was murder or suicide but as of yet there are no answers.

These are just a tiny fraction of the scientist that have died under suspicious circumstances, you can read about mysterious scientist deaths by clicking here. All of these people are either leading medical experts or leading engineers, you have to ask what could they have known that would have led to their deaths? Or could it all simply be coincidence?

In a time where conspiracy is commonplace it is increasingly difficult to differentiate between what could be a conspiracy and what is simply an unfortunate event. It is incredibly suspect why so many of these deaths are so odd, the people who were killed would have access to sensitive information that government officials may not want disclosed.


I don’t pretend to have all the answers. Quite the opposite. I ask a lot of questions that it shocks me other people don’t. I will not even debate anyone who doubts a global economic collapse of biblical proportions is coming. Our derivative bubble is TWENTY PERCENT higher than it was during the 2008 crash that WIPED OUT 50% of the average person’s net worth. On TOP of that, 94 MILLION are not working just here domestically. At least in 2008 we were at almost full employment, so people had money. We are at at our absolute weakest financially, hanging on for dear life, and there is ZERO doubt a crash is coming. Need convincing still? Check out Warning: New Technological Breakthroughs Threaten Up to 47% of All U.S. Jobs.

With all that said, you’re going to tell me with a straight face, that there is no connection between MARTIAL LAW TRAINING going on all over the United States (in violation of Posse Comitatus ACT which stood for 137 years “pre-Obama”), the TRILLIONS of dollars missing from the U.S. Treasury, the hundreds of underground military facilities equipped with coast to coast underground highway networks (not just in this country, but in ALL developed countries as detected by our own satellites), multiple dozen deaths of high level bankers in a position to know of an impending crash, that can only be described as mysterious AT BEST, and more than enough evidence to suggest there is another planet coming toward our solar system if you look for information ANYWHERE but the mainstream media. Heck some of it dates back to the 1800′s. DO SOME HOMEWORK!

If you want to say I’m a “Conspiracy Theorist,” I’d say you have zero deductive reasoning skills if you see no connection between any of that, but let me add to that list and see if I can open your eyes. Viral Tater reports, a navy seal familiar with the underground network of facilities was recently quoted saying:

“The tunnels are ALREADY IN PLACE. They are using the 6 MONTHS, which brings us into SEPTEMBER, to clear the places out and configure them for supply depots, communication hubs and pre-processing centers.”

Wow. Why the urgency? Still just coincidence? Still “Conspiracy theory?” Perhaps they were lying, but their employment records would easily prove them to be frauds, so I highly doubt they were lying. Recently, I heard a podcast where two former WELL tenured members of NASA were saying that EVERYONE at NASA, regardless of program or project, was recently was given a choice: 1) Sign an oath of secrecy, one punishable by what must have been some HARSH sentencing; or 2) Say good-bye to your job. Scientists who had been with NASA 25 years quit in droves for refusing to sign. Even janitorial staff had to sign it. What could POSSIBLY be going on there NOW, that without even having a space program, JANITORS have to sign agrements, and NASA is willing to let scientists with 25 years experience just walk away? Still all “Conspiracy Theory” right?

Ok, one last thing: Are you aware that out of nowhere, not only NASA, but other space agencies began emergency testing of space weapons to shoot incoming bodies out of space, or at least try to alter their trajectory? It’s not hard to Google that and find lots of information about it. So, with ALL that going on, you STILL don’t think there is NO connection to the timing of 74 mysterious dead NASA scientists too?



I stopped keeping track back in February, so I don’t have the names of all the bankers since, and there are plenty, nor do I have the names of the 74 NASA scientists mysteriously ending up dead, but I do have a list below of at least 39 families you’re more than willing to go tell they should be happy their loved one is in another place… and not to worry… nothing to see here… it was all just “coincidence” according to you… Be sure to let me know how that goes!


Michael Flanagan, 45, head of Foreign Exchange, National Australia Bank, London, England
Omar Meza, 33, Vice President, AIG, Los Angeles, America
Chris van Eeghen, 42, Head of Syndicate and Corporate Finance Markets, ABN / AMRO, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


David Bird, 55, long-time reporter for the Wall Street Journal, working at the Dow Jones newsroom
Tim Dickenson, a UK-based communications director at Swiss Re AG
Trouser William Smith, 58, former senior manager for Deutsche Bank
Ryan Henry Crane, 37, JP Morgan
Li Junjie, 33, Hong Kong JP Morgan
Gabriel Magee, 39, JP Morgan employee
Mike Dueker, 50, who had worked for Russell Investments
Richard Talley, 57, was the founder and CEO of American Title (real estate titles)
James Jr. Stuart, 70, Former National Bank of Commerce CEO was found dead in Scottsdale, Ariz
Jason Alan Salaise, 34, IT Specialist at JPMorgan since 2008
Autumn Radtke, 28, CEO of First Meta, a Singapore-based virtual currency trading platform
Eddie Reilly, 47, an investment banker, Vertical Group, New York
Kenneth Ballando, 28, an investment banker, Capital Levy, New York
Joseph A. Giampapa, 55, corporate bankruptcy lawyer, JP Morgan Chase
Jan Peter Schmittmann, 57, a former top administrator ANB / AMRO, Laren, Netherlands
Juergen Frick, 48, CEO of Bank Frick & Co. AG, Liechtenstein
Benoit Philippens, 37, director of BNP Paribas Fortis Bank, Ans, Belgium.
Lydia, 52, banker-Bred Banque Populaire, Paris
Andrew Jarzyk, 27, banker, PNC Bank, New York
Carlos Six, 61, Head Tax and member CREDAF, Belgium
Jan Winkelhuijzen, 75, and Commissioner Fiscalist (former Deloitte), Netherlands.
Richard Rockefeller, 66, grandson elite banker John D. Rockefeller, America
Mahafarid Amir Khosravi (Amir Mansour Aria), 45, bank owner, businessman and derivatives trader, Iran
Lewis Katz, 76, businessman, lawyer and insider in the banking world, America
Julian Knott, 45, Director of Global Operations Center JP Morgan, America
Richard Gravino, 49, IT Specialist JP Morgan, America
Thomas James Schenkman, 42, Managing Director, Global Infrastructure JP Morgan, United States
Valtz Nicholas, 39, Managing Director, Goldman Sachs, New York, America
Therese Brewer, 50, Managing Director ING Netherlands
Tod Robert Edward, 51, vice president of M & T Bank, America
Thierry Leyne, 48, an investment banker and owner Anatevka SA, Israel
Calogero Gambino, 41, Managing Director, Deutsche Bank, America
Shawn D. Miller, 42, Managing Director of Citigroup, New York, America
Melissa Millian, 54, senior vice president of MassMutual, America
Thieu Leenen, 64, Relationship Manager ABN / AMRO, Eindhoven, Netherlands
Geert Tack, 52, Private Banker ING Haaltert, Belgium