August 18, 2015 8:24 am


This is a Mars creature moving across the surface near the landing spot of the Opportunity Rover. The animal looks a lot like a shrimp and in all other photos of the landing site, the animal is gone. Life was already found long ago. NASA just left the public in the dark.

Date of discovery: 2010-2012
Location of discovery: Sols 58-60, Mars
Source Photo:

NASA states:

This image from the Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity’s panoramic camera shows one octant of a larger panoramic image which has not yet been fully processed. The full panorama, dubbed “Lion King” was obtained on sols 58 and 60 of the mission as the rover was perched at the lip of Eagle Crater, majestically looking down into its former home. It is the largest panorama yet obtained by either rover. The octant, which faces directly into the crater, shows features as small as a few millimeters across in the field near the rover arm, to features a few meters across or larger on the horizon.

mars aliens

mars aliens