July 10, 2015 2:00 am

This eerie footage claims to have captured three ghostly apparitions on camera in one of the most notorious ‘haunted’ buildings in north-west England.

Paranormal investigators caught the figures on camera during a guided tour of Stanley Palace in Chester.

The team from Sefton Paranormal Investigators noticed the activity – which they say is three children – as they watched back the footage after the investigation.

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Stanley Palace Ghosts

The ghost hunters chose an area within the 16th century Grade II-listed building to carry out their investigation because a man reportedly died there.
Aaron Robinette and Joanne May are seen on the video sitting in front of the staircase, unaware of the shadows moving behind them.
Co-founder Pamela Robinette, 44, said: ‘After every investigation we look back at the footage to see if we captured anything.

‘We couldn’t believe what we could see. There are clearly three figures, which I think are most likely children, on the staircase behind Jo and Aaron.
‘And if you look closely you can see her facial features as she turns her head, and her hair looks liked its rolled.
‘There were about 12 people with us that evening, and a lot happened during the course of the night.

stanley palace ghosts

stanley palace ghosts
The team chose the particular spot in Stanley Palace, pictured above, because a man reportedly died there.

The paranormal company was started by Ms Robinette, her son and Alan Mee six years ago. They have since been joined by volunteers Joanne May and Brian Harrison.

Mr Harrison 24, said: ‘The curator told us that there was a staircase with a door underneath it, where a man died.

‘In the video, Jo and I are sat on the staircase calling out to spirits.

‘Nothing happened, but it was only when watching the video back that I saw it. It appears and disappears in shot, all in front of the camera.

‘We try to disprove it and if we can’t find a natural explanation, like shadows or reflections, it’s the main reason I believe I can categorise it as paranormal.’