April 20, 2011 8:06 pm


Director: John Erick Dowdle
Writers: Brian Nelson & M. Night Shyamalan
Release Year: 2010
Genre: Horror | Mystery | Thriller

Detective Bowden is still brokenhearted for his wife’s and son’s death from a hit-and-run five years before. He’s sent to investigate a suicidal person who jumped off from the top of a skyscraper onto a truck.
In the meantime five strangers are trapped in an elevator in the building where the jumper committed suicide. Communication in the elevator is out of order but the guards, watch the individuals via CCTV as events develop. Tensions in the elevator are high, so Lustig calls the police and Detective Bowden takes the case. With no way to contact the trapped persons he tries to work out who they are and realizes he can only account for four of them. Time is running out for the trapped in the elevator as Bowden realizes he has to get them out quickly.

Albert’s Review: “One of the best Horror movies for 2010”
Rating:  (7.5/10)

Nadia’s Review: “A very good film with a surprising ending”
Rating: (7.5/10)